Quality Technician degree and Quality Inspector certificate programs at Anoka Technical College are designed to train you on the tools and processes to ensure the quality of finished goods and services in manufacturing.

Quality Inspectors put their strong attention to detail and data-driven mindset to assure that the quality of manufactured products meet the requirements of the customer and regulatory bodies.

Developed in partnership with manufacturing partners, the Quality programs at Anoka Tech prepare you for the workplace and certifications to advance your career.

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Prepares students for ASQ Certification

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Learn on state-of-the art equipment that matches industry

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Only degree program in Minnesota

Potential Jobs:

  • Quality Inspector
  • Quality Technician

Salary Information:
$25-27 per hour entry-level wage
Salary increases rapidly with certifications and experiences.

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Program Details

Program Details (pdf)

The Quality Technician program is designed to train student in the tools and processes used to ensure the quality of finished goods and products. Graduates of this degree will have the skills necessary to be employed as a quality assurance technician in a variety of manufacturing sectors.

With completion of this degree students will also obtain 15 Minnesota Transferable Credits (MnTC) meeting three different goal areas.

  1. Demonstrate document control skills. 
  2. Competently utilize tools to inspect finished goods of any kind.
  3. Ensure quality within the supply chain for consumers safely.
  4. Analysis of collected data.
  5. Create and maintain inspection documentation.
  6. Interact professionally with coworkers.
  7. Interpret engineering drawing utilizing Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing.
  8. Understand basic manufacturing practices.
  9. Knowledgeable in regulatory standards and requirements.
  10. Able to work in a management team.
  11. Creating a quality management system.
  12. Calibration of measurement gauging.
  13. Creation and requisitioning on measurement fixtures.
  14. Analysis of Statistical Data for Process control.
  15. Create metrics of cost of quality.
  16. Have an ethical foundation of the importance of quality management.
  17. Able to identify continuous improvement opportunities

This field is under-represented in higher education and no program required skills in statistical analysis. Quality Technicians are the individuals who assure that the quality of manufactured products meet the requirements of the customer and regulatory bodies. Quality technicians work in clean, environmentally controlled areas with regulated temperature and humidity to ensure part consistency. This is a mid-level position in the field with large opportunity for advancement and increased wage growth.

Wage information is available from the Minnesota Department of Education and the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development.

Students learn on state-of-the art equipment in a Quality/Metrology Lab that matches industry to develop the problem-solving skills to quickly transition and learn new equipment on the job.

The program is designed to integrate with the full suite of industry programs offered at Anoka Tech, so the learning environment reflects the workplace.

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Some courses in this program may require a prerequisite. Please see course descriptions for more details.

MnTC General Education Requirements

This program requires completion of the following fifteen credits of general education from at least three goal areas of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC). Refer to the MnTC course list for elective courses:

Course Number Course Title Credits
 ENGL 2105  Business and Technical Writing (Goal 1&2) 4
 MATH 1550  Introduction to Statistics (Goal 4) 4
 SPCH 1200  Interpersonal Communications (Goal 1&7) 3
 MnTC Elective   4

Program Sequence

Fall Semester 15
ADSC 1171  Microsoft Excel
 ENGL 2105  Business & Technical Writing
 MACH 1121  Metrology 2
 MACH 1132  Blueprint Reading 3
 MATH 1550  Introduction to Statistics 4
Spring Semester 15
 MACH 1090  Machine Fundamentals 2
 MACH 1231  Blueprint Design/CAD II 1
 MACH 1240  Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing 3
 QUAL 1200  Measurement & Test Equipment 4
 QUAL 1210  Quality Concepts & Assurance 2
 SPCH 1200  Interpersonal Communication 3
Fall Semester 15
QUAL 2300  Applied GD&T Concepts 4
 QUAL 2310  Product & Process Control 2
 QUAL 2320  Gauging Calibration 4
 QUAL 2330  Quality Ethics 2
 QUAL 2340  Fixturing for Inspection 3
Spring Semester 15
 QUAL 2400 Process Performance Capability & Reliability 2
 QUAL 2410 Validation Documentation & Regulatory Compliance 3
 QUAL 2420 Continuous Improvement 2
 QUAL 2430 Quantitative Methods & Tools 4
MnTC Elective   4

Students can choose to complete this program part-time. Part-time students will take longer to complete their program than students who follow the full-time sequence listed on the official program guides (see: Quality Inspector certificate, Quality Technician AAS degree). Because every course may not be offered each semester with both day and evening options, it is important for part-time students to reach out to their faculty advisors for help in planning their long-term part-time course sequence.

Below, new Quality students can find first semester part-time course options. After the first semester, work with your faculty advisors to plan future semesters.

Note: See the Developmental Courses section for important information regarding the math and English requirements for Quality programs. Students who require developmental courses should take those in their first semester if possible.

First Semester Part-Time Course Options

Course Subject & Number Course Name Credits
MATH 0801 Basic Math 4
MACH 1132 Blueprint Reading 3
ADSC 1171 Microsoft Excel 2

Developmental Courses

MATH 1550 Introduction to Statistics requires a QAS (Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra and Statistics) ACCUPLACER score of 265 Students who do not meet any of the prerequisites must take the appropriate developmental math course(s) (MATH 0801 Basic Math and/or MATH 0900 Elementary Algebra) as determined by the placement chart before taking MATH 1550.

ENGL 2105 Business & Technical Writing requires a Reading Comprehension ACCUPLACER score of 250. Students who do not meet any of the prerequisites must take the appropriate developmental Reading and English courses as determined by the placement chart.

Review detailed course information for other ways to meet these prerequisites on the testing services page.

Students must earn a cumulative 2.0 GPA or higher to be eligible for graduation from this program.


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Upon completion of this degree students will be able to competently use tools and processes utilized in industry for the inspection of finished goods. Students continuing to the Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree combined with experience in the field will also be able to test for the American Society of Quality (ASQ) Certification for a Quality Technician.

Students must earn a cumulative 2.0 GPA or higher to be eligible for graduation from this program.

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