Check Status of Financial Aid Application & Award

At any time after the Anoka Technical College Financial Aid office has received the FAFSA Application for Financial Aid, you may check the status of you financial aid application by following these steps:

  1. Enter your STAR ID and Password
  2. Choose Financial Aid


Check Status of Financial Aid Award

Once the Anoka Technical College Financial Aid Office receives your FAFSA results, and you are accepted for admission to Anoka Tech, we will check your file for completeness. If additional forms and/or information is needed, we will send you a an email letting you know that there is a status letter available for review in your eServices account. This letter will outline everything we need from you to complete your file. Once we have received all requested documents, we will review them for accuracy. Always keep an eye on your student e-mail account as that's how our office communicates. If we have any questions about the documents received or need additional information an email will be sent to your student email account. Depending on the time of year this process can take anywhere from three (3) to 10 business days to complete. If changes need to be made to your FAFSA due to additional paperwork, the school will make the changes and that will take another three (3) to five (5) business days. Once we receive those changes are returned, we will generate an award letter that can be viewed in your eServices account.

  1. Enter STAR ID and Password
  2. Navigate to Financial Aid
  3. View Award Letter


Financial Aid