December 15, 2023

My Anoka Tech

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We asked members of our leadership team to tell us, “What excites you most about Anoka Technical College’s work with education, equity and economic development?”

230187AT Hanson Callout (1)

Kent Hanson, Ph.D., President

"Creating an opportunity for students to have a rewarding career and being able to make decent money, regardless of background. Working with the community to provide qualified workers to meet the demands of the workforce. I have a special place for two-year colleges since that is where I started. My degree had a profound impact on my life."

230187AT Perez Callout

Robert Perez, Vice President for Finance and Administration

"This work excites me by allowing me to experience students grow and build a foundation that will likely improve their quality of living through a sound future in a technical career. In addition, I am excited to be an important part of our overall community’s goal of developing our workforce and improving the economy of the North Metro area."

230187AT Easley Callout

Dawn Easley, Dean of Academic Affairs

"What excites me most about Anoka Tech's work is our dedication to providing hands-on, career-focused education that empowers our students for success. Our role in economic development is a source of pride. By equipping our students with relevant skills and knowledge, we are not only preparing them for successful careers but also contributing to the growth and prosperity of our region. This dual emphasis on personal growth and community impact is at the heart of our mission and vision, making Anoka Tech a dynamic and forward-thinking institution."

230187AT Woodard Callout

Brandyn Woodard, Vice President of Equity and Inclusion

"I am excited knowing that our graduates aren’t just going to be outstanding tradespeople in their chosen professions, but that many of them will have the opportunity to step into leadership positions. I’m confident that Anoka Tech will continue to equip graduates with not only the technical skills, but the human skills to be awesome coworkers, supervisors, managers and leaders."

230187AT Martinez Callout

Tara Martinez, Interim Dean of Community Partnerships and Student Success

"I am proud to lead our Professional and Workforce Training (PWT) team, who is at the forefront of supporting our community’s economic development. Our PWT team coordinates critical trainings for industry partners, pursues grants that will aid those employers in offering those trainings, and highlights for the college new educational program opportunities."

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