Jay Gerdin, welding instructor, David Vlasyuk, Anoka Tech welding instructor, Emily Hunt, PPL Applications Engineer, and Chris Rasmussen, Applications Engineering Manager for PPL.

August 02, 2021

Donation leads to win-win collaboration in Laser Welding program

Anoka Technical College is one of the first colleges to offer a Welding program with a focus on laser welding and professionals dedicated to teaching students real-world practices that can be applied widely across the industry. The large presence of high-tech manufacturing in the metro area and other parts of the country provides students with significant future opportunities.

Prima Power Laserdyne recently presented a Zeiss high resolution microscope to Anoka Tech as the college continues to expand its Robotic and Laser Welding program.

A 40-year leader in developing laser cutting, drilling and welding technology, Prima Power Laserdyne is committed to supporting the training of the manufacturing leaders of tomorrow.

“Having technicians and operators knowledgeable in laser welding is critically important for US manufacturing,” stated Chris Rasmussen, applications engineering manager for Prima Power Laserdyne. “Being able to share our 40+ years of laser processing and laser welding with Anoka Technical College’s Laser Welding program is a benefit to the student who graduates with the fundamentals in laser welding and to the manufacturer who hires the student. The manufacturer will be getting someone with up-to-date knowledge that can be applied to in-house processes. With the students having a fundamental understanding of laser welding and knowing how it can be used in potential applications, it is a win-win for everyone.”

Using the Zeiss microscope with a wide zoom range and high resolution enables Anoka Tech Welding instructors and students to enhance welding skills and understand welding with knowledge at the metallurgical level. Training and knowledge at this metallurgical level allows students to produce high quality welds consistently and contribute to future employer’s manufacturing capabilities.

“We have an ideal collaboration with industry partners like Prima Power Laserdyne,” said Jay Gerdin, Anoka Tech Welding instructor. With its close proximity to the college, the opportunities for future collaborations to provide career training by sharing knowledge and cutting-edge technology are expected to evolve as fast as the technology itself.

Anoka Technical College exists to serve students and the surrounding community with the finest career and technical education in Minnesota. This mission would not be possible without mutually beneficial partnerships throughout multiple sectors in the community. This story is an excerpt from the article “Prosperity in Partnerships” in the Anoka Technical College Summer Community Newsletter, Issue 3 highlighting a few of the college’s partners.

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