January 25, 2024

Anoka Tech Foundation disburses more than $125,000 in scholarships during spring 2024 semester

Anoka Technical College and the campus foundation are committed to making college affordable and accessible to students. In recognition of the support of the donors and partners that make these scholarships possible, below are the names of last year’s award recipients, including their scholarships received.

Spring 2024 Foundation Scholarship Donors and Recipients

Nursing Assistant

Mariah Burdette

Susan Hanson Memorial

Jessica Wright

Caterpillar Global Paving Products

Maclaren Bouwman
Ethan Cromar
Gabriel Khattak
Nathan Leavey
Alida Sorenson

Getting Started

Luis Conce
Desalegn Hateu
Inmani Toney

Gene Haas Scholarship

Jacob Averill
Jeremy Breister
Mark Contreras
Jacob Hanson

Invest in a Lasting Legacy

Montana Gorton
Yazmin Gutierrez
Njumbe Ndefua
Charles Asonganyi
Emily Strugnell
Emily Viergutz

Kopp Family Foundation (ATC)

Benjamin Herges
Kayla Jenniges
Kathryn Johnson
Kyle Kue
Andrew Milz
Audrey Moen
Symin Zerwas

Ramsey Lions (ATC)

Natalia Mender
Candace Olson
Brandon Orth
Mary Sirweri
Brandon St Hilaire
Joseph Vuziy

ACCAP Dreams and Aspirations Award

Jazmane Jackson
Iesha Kearney
Samantha McCloud
Cassandra Miller
Jennifer Ronning


Zachary Conkle
Nicholas Lindman
Aizak Scott

Connexus Energy (ATC)

Gabrielle Froehlig
Alize Schumacher

Julie Myers Phi Theta Kappa

Shailyn Solle

Architectural Program

Jaimie Maxcy
Blaine Sauer

Tom Kingston

Lee Xiong

Donald and Eleanor Ansay Memorial

Alexis Lizano Rodriguez
Shelby Robideau

Karen McCulloch JRBC

Gabriell Whaley

Michael L. McCulloch Memorial

Myron G. Burgess

Nancy Gale Memorial

Amanda Carr
Kailey Flores
Ashley Jahn
Candace Okeson
Emily Reimann
MaiShoua Vang

Allina Health Mercy Hospital

Mackenzie Arnoldi
Tierza Baxter
Katherine Iverson
Aaron Koch
Hannah Pearson
Emelia Sczepanski

City View Electric Scholarship

Nolan Benshoof
Jeremy Brinker
Derek Montgomery
Nicholas Singh
Andrea Zimmerman

Cretex/RMS Scholarship

Cole Bruley
Zechariah Phillips
Evan Scales

DLMC Foundation Scholarship

Jessica Bau Zhicay
Fosay Mohamed

Graco - Connect the Dots Sponsor

Peter Miller

Jill Garrison Memorial Scholarship

Rachel Bowers
Amy Engel-Duong

Mate Precision Scholarship

Carl Tomlinson

Milow Electric

Laura Battenberg

North Memorial Health Hospital Scholarship

Stephanie Rodgers

Premier Marine Scholarship

Garcia Kerr
David Urman
Isaac Wolfe

Productivity, Inc Scholarship

Lucas Landberg
Chue Xiong

Sgt. John Rice VFW Post 6316

Heather Kerr

Cameron Wood

Tolerance Masters Scholarship

Johnathan Bickford

Tri-River Rodders

Rene Escamilla Flores

Leo Ducharme Memorial

Nichole Sherman

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