Post-Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO)

Welcome and thank you for showing interest in the Post-Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO) Program at Anoka Technical College!

The Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) Program is the program established by Minnesota State Statutes 124D.09 to "promote rigorous educational pursuits and provide a wider variety of options for students." Through PSEO, 10th, 11th and 12th grade high school students may earn both secondary and postsecondary credit for college or university courses completed on a college or university campus, at a high school, or at another location. Anoka Technical College gladly participates in the PSEO program and offers the following information to further explain this wonderful opportunity. High School Sophomores must pass 8th grade MN Comprehensive Assessment (MCA) Reading at the composite proficiency level of “meets or exceeds” and meets the prerequisites of the CTE course they wish to enroll in.

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We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Students who are interested in career and technical courses may take one career and technical college level course taught by a college faculty member on a college campus, at their high school or online as early as grade 10. To be eligible to do so, they must be enrolled in a public school, have a minimum of a "proficient" score on the 8th grade Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA) test for reading and meet the assessment prerequisites set for the course that must be met by all students. If a student successfully completes the technical course with a C or higher, the student can take additional career and technical courses as long as he or she meets the assessment requirement for those courses. Students who first enter PSEO programming through career and technical education can also begin to take PSEO general education courses in grades 11 and 12 by meeting the assessment prerequisites for the general education course they wish to enroll in, regardless of class rank or percentile on a nationally normed exam.

Application Deadlines

  • Fall Semester: July 15
  • Spring Semester: December 1

What is required to be accepted?

PSEO Student Eligibility Requirements

High school sophomores, juniors, and seniors are eligible for one career and technical education course if they have earned a passing score on the eighth grade Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment in reading.


New legislation passed under Minnesota Statutes, section 124D.09, allows eligible 10th-grade students to enroll in one Career and Technical Education (CTE) course. In order to be eligible, a 10th-grade student must have taken the 8th-grade MCA reading test in the 8th-grade and have met the composite proficiency level of “meets or exceeds.” Students who meet this standard may be eligible to enroll in a CTE course, as identified by the Minnesota State College and University System (MNSCU) if they meet the specific course requirements and prerequisites of the CTE course. This option is open to Minnesota public school students only.

High School Sophomores:  Must pass 8th grade MN Comprehensive Assessment (MCA) Reading at the composite proficiency level of "meets or exceeds" and meet the prerequisites of the CTE course they wish to enroll in.


High school juniors must rank in the top 1/3 of their high school class OR score above the 70th percentile on a nationally standardized, norm-referenced test.


High school seniors must rank in the top 1/2 of their high school class OR score above the 50th percentile on a nationally standardized, norm-referenced test.

Juniors or seniors who do not meet admission requirements are asked to participate in a formal interview explaining why they are interested in the PSEO program and what they can contribute to it.

Examples of nationally standardized, norm-referenced tests include, but are not limited to, ACT, PLAN, PSAT, CAT (California Achievement Test), ITED (Iowa Test of Educational Development), Terra Nova and Iowa Basic."

Follow Steps to Become a PSEO Student

What is the application process?

NOTE: All application materials must be submitted by the deadline in order to be considered for admission.

1. Complete the Anoka Technical College Application.
2. Complete Sections 1 and 2 of the Minnesota Department of Education
Postsecondary Enrollment Options Program Notice of Registration Form
3. Submit official high school transcript(s) with cumulative GPA and class rank.
4. Take ACCUPLACER tests if scores are needed for course prerequisite or program admission.
5. Read the frequently asked questions included on this Web page. If you wish, email Enrollment Services or call 763-576-7710.

What are ACCUPLACER Placement Tests?

One way to ensure you are placed in the correct courses is to measure your current skill levels in reading, writing and math through the ACCUPLACER assessment test, also referred to as the placement test. This is not a measure of your potential but an assessment of college readiness. The ACCUPLACER Testing Center is located in the Student Success Center, Suite 190.


About the ACCUPLACER test At Anoka Tech

  • Available on a walk-in basis per the current Walk-In Test Schedule
  • Multiple-choice, untimed (generally take 1.5 to 2 hours), not pass/fail
  • Calculators are not permitted, scratch paper and pencil provided
  • Results are immediate and help students select courses
  • Some courses require certain ACCUPLACER scores for registration.  Students should check course descriptions for pre-requisites. 

*Your Photo ID is required



Who pays tuition for PSEO students?

Tuition, books, and lab fees are paid for by the State of Minnesota’s Post Secondary Education Option Program. These expenses are covered as part of your high school education.

Who pays for PSEO books and supplies?

Text books are available to PSEO students from the Anoka Tech Bookstore at least one week prior to the start of classes. These books must be returned to the Bookstore at the end of the semester.

If the borrowed materials, the student will be billed.  All bills must be paid before transcripts will be released to other institutions. Alternatively, students may pay for books and keep them if they so choose.

Who helps PSEO students choose classes/register?

PSEO students are required to meet with an Anoka Tech PSEO advisor at orientation and again during the first semester prior to registering for second semester.

What is expected of a PSEO student?

Anoka Technical College is committed to the success of PSEO students and there are number of services to support students in achieving academic success. Students are expected to:

  • Attend class regularly.
  • Only register for courses numbered 1000 and above.
  • Maintain at least a 2.0 GPA each term in order to remain eligible for the program.
  • Keep in contact with the high school counselor to ensure high school graduation requirements are met.
  • Contact your Anoka Tech PSEO advisor, if any problems should arise regarding academic success.


Is coursework more difficult that high school?

Generally, college courses are more challenging than high school courses. The responsibility of learning is primarily on the student. For every hour of class, the student should plan to spend two hours outside of class studying. For example, a three credit class requires three hours of class time per week and six hours of independent studying per week; nine hours per week should be devoted to a three credit course.

Does a PSEO student need to maintain a certain GPA?

PSEO students must maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA and complete 67% of credits in order to remain eligible for the program. This is in compliance with the college’s satisfactory academic progress policy. If a GPA of 2.0 or better is not maintained, or if a student falls below 67% completion of credits, students will be placed on academic probation for the following semester.

What if a PSEO student fails an Anoka Tech class?

This is one of the risks a PSEO student takes in this program. If a class which is required for high school graduation is not passed, the student might not be able to graduate with his or her high school class. In addition, the student’s permanent college transcript will record the failing grade. It is important for students to realize PSEO grades will permanently appear on the college transcript.

How often do PSEO students meet with counselors

You must meet with your high school counselor every semester to complete the Notice of Student Registration Form. You need to work closely with your high school counselor to ensure that the college courses you take will meet your high school graduation requirements.

Is PSEO offered during the summer?

No. If a student chooses to take classes during the summer, he/she is responsible for tuition, fees and books.

Do PSEO students need to attend both semesters?

No. Students can participate in PSEO during one semester or both fall and spring. Semester courses conclude at the end of each semester and new classes can be taken during the next semester.

Where can PSEO students eat on campus?

The Cafeteria and the Fresh Stop Café are open to everyone. Students can pay with cash or credit. An ATM machine is located in the Cafeteria.

Where do students park?

PSEO students are allowed to park in any lot they choose. Parking permits are covered by student fees for which PSEO students are not responsible.

At what age is a student no longer eligble for PSEO?

Students are no longer eligible once they turn 21.

Who PSEO students contact for more information?


Enrollment Services


Required forms each semester

Each semester a student plans to continue in the PSEO program, he/she must submit a new PSEO form. This form is to be completed by the student, his/her guardian (if under 18), and the high school counselor. This form must be submitted to the Anoka Technical College counselor located in the Student Success Center before the student is allowed to register for the next semester.

Students must also meet with a high school counselor to fill out the Credit Balance SheetPDF. This form will be used during your advising session while at Anoka Tech.

Necessary GPA

Students participating in the program must maintain a cumulative gpa of 2.0 or better in order to remain in the program. Students who fail to meet the 2.0 cumulative gpa requirement must make arrangements to return to their high school to complete their education.

Email Account at Anoka Tech

All formal communication between Anoka Technical College and students will be via Anoka Technical College email accounts. It is vital that a student checks his/her Anoka Technical College email account no less than once a week.

Important information about registering for courses will be emailed to the student’s Anoka Technical College email account. Nothing will be mailed to the student’s home, nor will phone calls be made to a student’s home to inform him/her of important Anoka Technical College information.

Registration for Upcoming Semesters

Students can login to their eServices account to find out when their registration windows open.

Students are encouraged to start shopping for courses early and add courses of interest to their Wish List to more smoothly expedite the registration process.

An advising appointment needs to be made with the Counselor or an Enrollment & Success Coach. The counselor, Erica Stene, can be contacted at or at 763-576-4036. An Enrollment and Success Coach can be contacted at or at 763-576-7710. Students must submit the PSEO form and Credit Balance Sheet at their advising appointments. Without these forms, the student will not be allowed to register.

Transferring Courses to Other Institutions

Students are encouraged to use the Minnesota Course Applicability website to check course transferability. u.Select (formerly CAS) is an online tool that will help you view program requirements, course equivalencies, and see how courses you have taken or plan to take transfer to another college or university.

Students who plan to transfer Anoka Technical College courses to other institutions should consult with the transfer specialist at that school to determine transfer policies.

Anoka Tech Transcript Request Form

Buying and Returning Books

When buying books, students must present their printed class schedule and photo ID to the bookstore staff. Also, let the bookstore staff know you are a PSEO student.

Books must be returned the bookstore. When returning books, students must present photo ID. Students enrolled under the PSEO program must return books to the bookstore as soon as finals are completed.  If books are not returned, the student will be billed for the full amount of the book.

College Credit at the High School

The high school determines the amount of credit to be awarded. However, no more than 4 semester credits can be required to equal one year of high school credit in each subject.

Restricted Courses

PSEO students are prohibited from enrolling in developmental courses (listed below 1000 level). If a student wishes to take developmental courses, he/she is allowed to, but the cost is the student’s responsibility.

Changing Class Schedules during the Semester

A PSEO student cannot drop, add, or withdraw from a class without consultation with the Anoka Technical College counselor and his/her high school counselor. Students who decide to drop, add or withdraw from class MUST come in and follow the correct procedure for dropping, adding or withdrawing from classes. There is more to the above procedures than simply attending or not attending classes. A student who chooses to no longer attend a class, but does not correctly withdraw from the class, will earn a failing grade. Again, it is necessary to see the Anoka Technical College counselor in order to begin this process.

Schedule Changes

If students withdraw from a course, they must let the post-secondary institution and the high school know immediately. PSEO students should expect to be subject to the same procedures and/or penalties as any other high school student when withdrawing from or failing a course.

Summer Session

The PSEO program is only in place for fall and spring semesters. Students who wish to take courses during the summer must pay for courses on their own.


Students are responsible for informing their high schools of each semester’s grades.

Students are responsible for sending a transcript to any non-MnSCU post-secondary institutions that they will be attending. Visit Records & Registration on the Web to request an official transcript. 

If you plan to attend Anoka Technical College after graduating high school, contact Enrollment Services to let us know or call 763-576-7710. To prepare for advising, you must inform the Enrollment Services of your decision to continue at the College. You will then register for fall classes just like all other current students.


College Operator

Enrollment Services

MN Dept of Education - PSEO 
Sally Wherry: 651-582-8768


Application Deadlines
Fall Semester: July 15
Spring Semester: December 1