Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs

Anoka Tech is committed to diversity and inclusion at all levels of the college through educational programming and cultural activities that foster domestic and global awareness within the college community.

We are dedicated to examining and implementing best practices in regards to recruitment, retention and success for all students, staff and faculty.

We are committed to creating an environment that is welcoming and accepting of differences at the college.

ATC/ARCC Strategic Diversity & Inclusion Plan

The new Anoka Tech/Anoka-Ramsey Strategic Diversity & Inclusion Plan currently being implemented. The Diversity Committee, made up of students, faculty and staff, began plan development in 2015.

Strategic Diversity & Inclusion Plan

Multicultural Student Center


No matter how you say it, the Multicultural Student Center (Rm 177) at Anoka Technical College welcomes many different cultures and ethnicities. Truly unique to a two-year technical college, the center serves as a meeting place and resource center for students, faculty, staff and other community organizations. STOP IN TODAY!


We provide all Anoka Technical College students with a vibrant, welcoming place where they can access information and resources, study and interact with other students.


The Multicultural Student Center expands awareness and education about our multicultural society and workforce while broadening our view, acceptance and appreciation of cultural diversity.


  • Quiet study area
  • Multicultural education
  • Academic and personal support
  • Community resource assistance
  • Cultural awareness and immersion 
  • Activities for student engagement

    Multicultural Club

    Open to all students interested in promoting cultural diversity and creating a welcoming environment for students of diverse cultures. Meets and discusses issues related to a variety of cultures and cultural experiences.

    For more information, contact Venoreen Browne-Boatswain

    Get Involved

    Interested in developing your leadership skills, starting a new club, attending cultural events or visiting a local business or potential employer?

    The Office of Diversity & Multiculturalism is looking for students who want to become more involved inside and outside of the college environment. This is an opportunity to develop leadership skills, create new networking opportunities, share your culture and have a voice on campus.

    If any of these ideas interest you, or if you would like guidance for other ideas you have, please contact Venoreen Browne-Boatswain, Director of Diversity and Multiculturalism.

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    "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." - Dr. Maya Angelou


    Venoreen Browne-Boatswain
    Director of Diversity and Multiculturalism