Summer Financial Aid

Types of Aid for Summer

Federal Pell Grant, Minnesota State Grant, Minnesota Childcare Grants, loans and work-study are available for summer semester. If you did not reach your annual grant or loan limits over fall/spring a separate award letter will be generated for summer semester AFTER you register for summer courses

Changing Your Schedule

Financial aid adjustments due to class schedule changes:

  • If you decide to add a course after the 5th day of the term start, your Pell Grant CANNOT be adjusted for the increase in credits.
  • If you drop a course and add another course that is the same number of credits after the 5th day of the term start, your Pell Grant will be negatively affected, as your added course will not be recognized.
  • If you drop any courses after the 5th day of the term start, you may be required to repay part or all of your summer aid.
  • Cancelled courses can also affect your financial aid eligibility.
  • Your class schedule must be firm, and you should not make any changes after the 5th day of the term, or risk aid reductions.

You are required to be enrolled in at least six (6) credits (not including W's) at the time of any loan disbursement. If you are not enrolled in at least six (6) eligible credits, loans cannot be disbursed.

Transfer Students

If you are transferring to Anoka Technical College this summer and you have already completed the FAFSA for another school, you will need to go online to add Anoka Tech's school code 007350. Your summer financial aid will be determined based on the financial aid used fall and spring semester up to annual and/or aggregate loan limits.

Anoka Tech degree-seeking students who will enroll in courses through another institution during the summer may be eligible for financial aid through Anoka Tech. The only courses Anoka Tech will be able to fund are those courses which will transfer back to Anoka Tech to apply toward a degree at Anoka Tech. Students must complete a consortium agreement.

Summer Book Charging

For those students who have a completed FAFSA, Anoka Tech supports a summer book charge process:

  1. You must bring your student ID and your class schedule to the bookstore to charge books to your student account.
  2. Bookstore Charges are added as a charge on your student account. If the books you charge are not fully covered by financial aid awards, you are responsible for all of the charges. Review your summer award letter to confirm what financial aid you have available based on your registered credits.

Awarding Process

  1. Complete the FAFSA form and provide all requested documents to the Financial Aid Office.
  2. Register for summer courses (course registration triggers Financial Aid to review students for summer financial aid).
  3. Last day to accept summer loan requests: July 14, 2023. Exceptions do apply; please contact the Financial Aid Office.

You will receive an email to your school email address alerting you when your summer award letter is completed. Check eServices to view your Financial Aid Status online.