Public Safety Resource List

 Topic  Links
 Be prepared - learn how to prepare for and respond to   emergencies.
 Consumer Reports - find up-to-date consumer  product recalls and safety information
 U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
 MN OSHA Compliance Safety:

  • Carbon monoxide monitoring
  • Disinfecting with bleach
  • Electrical hazards
  • Heat stress
  • many others



 Ergonomics Guidelines from OSHA
 Ergonomics: Eye strain and neck pain
 Ergonomics: Hand, wrist and arm pain

National Safety Council Protecting your eyes information

Prevent Blindness America

Chemical splash first aid for eyes

First Aid for eyes  


 First Aid National Institutes of Health

Mayo Clinic First Aid Information

 Heat Stress CDC Heat Stress

OSHA Protecting Workers from Heat Stress

 MN Boat and Water Safety
 MSDS  Environmental Health and Safety Online
 Northwest Chapter of the American Society of  Engineers
 OSHA Quick Cards
 OSHA Publications

 OSHA: Machine Guarding



 Personal Safety  Anoka Tech Personal Safety Training