Procedure 1A.14.1: PSEO Ineligibility

Implementation of Policy

The following are guidelines for classes that are not eligible for PSEO funding:

  • Courses during summer session
  • Developmental courses numbered < 1000
  • Specific courses requiring special program admission: Occupational Therapy Assistant, Surgical Technology, Practical Nursing
  • Credit by exam

Note regarding courses as part of the welding curriculum: 

Tools and equipment for PSEO students will be “checked out” from the welding library and returned at the end of the course.  The PSEO student is responsible for returning all checked out items in good repair. There are a limited number of welding kits so "checking out" a tool kit is on a first come, first served basis.



01.2015 Adopted

12.2015 Added ETEC courses

04.2017 Removed ETEC courses; removed Judicial Reporting from list of programs