Procedure 4.4.1: Safety

It is important that each staff member and student make safety a priority. The following safety procedures will be followed in each classroom:

1. Instructors need to set the example of safety by performing safe practices and providing instruction in safety that fits the safety practices of each major program of study. It is the responsibility of each instructor to enforce College safety rules at all times.

2. In the event of a situation requiring first aid, practice universal precautions and call security. If warranted, call 911.

3. Each staff member and student must use the safety procedures and practices identified for his/her major program of study.

4. All students, college employees, and visitors are required to wear safety glasses when they are in the college science laboratories and shop areas. Any person not wearing the required safety glasses will be asked to leave the shop or laboratory immediately and will not be allowed to return until they are wearing the safety glasses.

5. Progressive disciplinary action, in accordance with the appropriate state statute may be taken against anyone who violates this policy. 



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