Procedure 3.9.1: Academic Grade Appeal

Informal Appeal

The student has the responsibility to discuss disagreements with the instructor who assigned the grade.  It is expected that the grade dispute will be resolved at this step.

Formal Appeal

After a student has informally attempted to resolve the grading issues with the instructor, a student may appeal a final course grade by following these steps in order: 

  1. Student may file a formal grade appeal in writing by using a Formal Grade Appeal Form which you can find in the Office of Records and Registration or at  This form must be submitted within 30 days after the term posting date to the Office of Records and Registration.
  2. The Office of Records and Registration will forward the appeal to the appropriate Academic Dean for consideration.
  3. The Dean will discuss the issue with the student and the faculty member(s) to gather information and attempt to resolve the issue as appropriate. 
  4. The Dean will make a decision regarding the appeal and notify all relevant parties in writing of the decision.
  5. The student may appeal the Dean’s decision by writing to the Chief Academic Officer, if there is additional relevant information that supports the appeal. 



05.2015 Revised; Repealed Student Academic Due Process; replaced with Academic Grade Appeal