Procedure 2.8.1: Exempt Maximum Number of Credits

Implementation of Policy

 The Registrar will review the student’s academic record and personal explanation to determine whether or not to allow the student to register for additional credits.  If the Registrar is unable to make a decision, s/he can consult with the Dean of Student Affairs to make a final decision.

Exemption Procedure

  • Complete Exempt Maximum Enrollment of Credits form.  Please include your student ID, appeal term and course information.
  • Complete or attach personal statement and additional supporting documentation.
  • Obtain program advisor signature.
  • Return completed form and attachments to the Office of Records and Registration.

Guidelines for Approval

 The following guidelines will be used to assess whether or not the student’s request for additional credits will be granted.

  1. Academic Achievement – The students has maintained at least a cumulative 2.5 GPA and 67% completion rate.
  2. Program Support – The program advisor and course instructor supports the student’s request to register for additional credit.
  3. Student Support Services – The student has identified at least one student support service or resource that s/he will utilize to ensure academic success.

These are guidelines and do not guarantee approval.  Please update your e-mail address through your e-Services account because all results will be communicated via students email account.



Originator: Gary Schindler, Dean of Student Services

11.2012 Adopted