Procedure 2.5.1: Off-Campus Student Occupational Experience

1. Off-campus occupational experiences are any type of supervised experience off-site in a work station which is similar to the environment in which the student will work following graduation.

2. There will be a Minnesota State-approved written agreement between Anoka Technical College and each occupational experience facility. Each program will maintain a copy of the agreements with each facility for the current and previous four fiscal years.

3. Each occupational experience will be supervised by a licensed instructor. Occupational experience courses are restricted to students enrolled in a specified program major.

4. Each occupational experience course will have a course outline on file in the curriculum master file.

5. Each occupational experience will have a training plan which identifies the tasks or content goal statements that will be addressed by the student. This might be included in the course syllabus or in a separate training plan or list of competencies to be completed by the student. A training plan for each student must be signed by the facility coordinator, the student and the ATC instructor at the beginning of the occupational experience. A copy of this training plan will be kept by the instructor.

6. Each program will maintain evaluations of the occupational experience. These evaluations shall be completed by employers, instructional staff, and students. The program will maintain originals of the student evaluations and the occupational experience evaluations. Copies of these may also be shared with the student or with the occupational experience facility. 



08.2017 Technical change: MnSCU to Minnesota State