Procedure 1A.14.2 Course Fees

The following procedure is used both to review current course fees, as well as to add/change/delete course fees for credit-bearing courses:

Scheduling packets are sent to faculty in October from Academic Affairs staff, in both hard copy and email message. Instructors are asked, as part of this larger process, to look at course fees and suggest changes if appropriate.

Faculty are to confirm that fees are correct, or suggest changes to Academic Affairs staff by the assigned due date, generally in December. Academic Affairs staff review the fee information. If there are any suggested changes that either increase a fee or add a new one, the Academic Dean is informed, who initiates a discussion with the faculty member. In many cases the faculty member and dean have already had this discussion prior to submitting the proposed fee.

Any program faculty member who has not turned in their schedules by December will receive an email from Academic Affairs instructing them to look over the schedule and course fees. Instructors are notified that if course fee changes, additions, or deletions are not made at this time, the fees will remain the same for the upcoming school year.

Once the Business Office has calculated tuition in July and the next semester is set up for data entry, Academic Affairs staff attach new or changing course fees to courses in ISRS.

If the course fee is for a new course, the course fee must be presented to and approved by the academic dean prior to the new course proposal going before the Academic Affairs and Standards Committee.

In general, if a course fee is to be reduced or eliminated, or only slightly raised due to a change in something such as a test or registration fee controlled by an outside entity, a discussion with and approval by the academic dean is not necessary. But if a new fee is being proposed, or a fee is increasing, a discussion with and approval by the academic dean is required.

Course fees can be eliminated with consultation between Academic Dean and program faculty.

The timeframe for submission of new or changing course fees relates to the upcoming course registration periods. Fees being assessed to students for a given semester should be in place prior to student registration for that semester. Though there are two timeframes in which to submit fees--one in October/November/December timeframe for the NEXT school year, and one in the February/March timeframe for special Spring Semester fee situations or other upcoming fall semester changes--course fees are generally required to be submitted at the time course schedules are submitted in the October to December timeframe each year.



04.2017  Adopted