Policy 3.8: Grading


 The following system will be used to determine a student's grade point average:

A - four grade points per credit

B - three grade points per credit

C - two grade points per credit

D - one grade point per credit

F, FN, FW - zero grade points per credit

AU,I, S,P, U, W, Z,IP - not considered in determining grade point average

A student's grade point average is determined by adding all grade points earned and dividing by the sum of all credits attempted in courses for which grade points are earned. GPA is calculated on a semester and a cumulative basis. The GPA calculation does not include test-out grades, transfer grades, advanced placement, or credit for prior learning.


 Student's Grades    GPA Points   Credits      Total Grade Points
 A  =  4.0  x  3  =  12.00
 B  =  3.0  x  2  =  6.00
 C  =  2.0  x  3  =  6.00
 D  =  1.0  x  3  =  3.00
 F  =  0.0  x  1  =  0.00
     TOTAL    12  =  27.00
         27 grade points/12 credits total = 2.25 GPA


Student academic performance shall be evaluated solely on the basis of academic standards, including any requirements that are noted in the catalog, course syllabus, or student handbook. Students may review their corrected examinations or other required assignments used by the faculty in evaluating the student's academic performance.

Explanation of Grades

Grades of A, B, C, D, F, S, and U are used in evaluating performance in the classes or major and are given to a student each term.

"A" denotes excellent achievement

"B" denotes above average achievement

"C" denotes average achievement

"D" denotes below average achievement

"F" denotes unsatisfactory achievement

"P" denotes passing achievement

"S" denotes satisfactory achievement

"U" denotes unsatisfactory achievement

"I" denotes incomplete work because of unavoidable circumstances. An incomplete must be made up under a schedule arranged with the instructor. Work not properly made up results in an “I” being changed to an “F” at the end of the following term. However, incompletes given at the end of spring semester will be changed to an “F” at the end of fall semester if not properly made up, since summer session is excluded.

Incompletes and Prerequisite Courses: If the completion of a course in which the student earns an incomplete is a prerequisite for another course, registration for the subsequent course is at the discretion of the instructor of the second course. This policy does not apply to developmental prerequisites.

"W" denotes withdrawal from a course during the withdrawal period. The withdrawal period starts after the first five days of the semester up to the 80th percent point of the semester for full term courses.

"FN" denotes that a student never attended the course but never officially dropped the course from their schedule. This grade is assigned as a result of faculty last date of attendance (LDA) reporting.

"FW" denotes that a student began attending the course, never completed it, and never officially withdrew from the course. This grade is assigned as a result of faculty last date of attendance (LDA) reporting.

"AU" denotes audit. An audit grade indicates that a student has registered for and attended a class, but does not earn credit. It has no impact on the grade point average. A student desiring an audit grade must inform the Office of Records and Registration at the time of registration and the instructor during the first class session. Students will not be allowed to request the audit option after the first class period has been completed.

"IP" denotes In Progress, but is only used to exclude ungraded courses from the Satisfactory Academic Progress report.

“Z” denotes a course that is active or not reported.

Grade Reporting

Instructors are required to enter all grades via the online grading system within four (4) calendar days after the term has ended. A grade of “IP” will be recorded for any course for which a grade has not been assigned after the grading deadline. Students may view and print their grades by logging into their student eServices account.

Grade Changes

Faculty may submit grade changes when a student’s initial grade has changed. Faculty should submit a Change of Grade Form online via faculty eServices. Grade changes are also accepted by the registrar in writing with the instructor’s dated signature or via email from the instructor’s official college email address.

Grade Appeal

Please refer to Anoka Tech Grade Appeal Procedure 3.9.1

Repeating Courses

Students may repeat courses for purposes of achieving a higher grade or to review material. All courses and grades earned are reflected on the student transcript. The course that was previously taken is not counted in the GPA calculation but will count as attempted credits for calculation of satisfactory academic progress and financial aid purposes.

Students must register and pay tuition and fees for repeated courses. Test-outs and independent studies are not acceptable means of retaking a failed course. 

A student is allowed to repeat a course one time. Failure to successfully complete a course when repeating it will result in being ineligible to re-register for that course. After two attempts, students may petition to repeat a course by submitting an Academic Petition to the Dean of Academic Affairs. If the petition is approved, the Records Office will assist students with registration since students are unable to register for a course through eServices after the second attempt. 

Failing to successfully complete a repeated course may exclude the student from certain program majors. In addition, financial aid may not cover the cost of repeated courses, so students are advised to contact the Financial Aid Office before repeating a course.

Academic Progress:

Satisfactory academic progress standards are intended to assist students in their progress toward the successful completion of their course requirements. See Policy 2.7 Satisfactory Academic Progress for more information. NOTE: Program majors may have program specific satisfactory progress standards. 



10.2015 Update

04.2016 Update

02.2018 Removed information regarding honor rolls, as it is included in Policy 2.10. Removed statement about Satisfactory Academic Progress and instead referred reader to Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy 2.7.

05.2019 Updated language to clarify current practices, primarily in Repeating Courses section.