Policy 3.5: Course Outlines/Syllabi

Course Outlines/Syllabi

Common course outlines that departmentally developed and approved by the Academic Affairs and Standards Council (AASC) shall belong to the college. A course syllabus is a scholarly work and as such is sole property of the faculty member. Upon request, the faculty member shall provide a copy of the syllabus to the Administration.

All changes in approved course outlines must be approved by the Academic Affairs and Standards Council. After approved changes have been made, an electronic copy of the revised course outline must be submitted to the Academic Affairs staff person for the master file. The course outline master file must always reflect the most current course outline and that version is the one that is given to each student at the first class session.

All course outlines must include the following information:

1. Course title

2. Course number

3. Course credits

4. Academic program

5. Course description

6. Course outcomes

7. Assessment of student performance

8. Course evaluation

9. Special accommodations notification

All course syllabi must include the following information:

1. Institution name, course title, course number, number of credits, lecture and lab breakdown, semester

2. Instructor's name, office location, contact information, and office hours

3. Course description with any prerequisites and/or co-requisites (from the Course Outline)

4. Major content

5. Textbook and reference materials

6. Hazardous materials (required if student may come in contact with)

7. Learning outcomes

8. Minnesota Transfer Curriculum Goal Area (if applicable)

9. Grading criteria

10. Academic honesty

11. Recording of lectures

12. Special accommodations

13. Military members

Dissemination of Course Syllabi:

Part 1. Dissemination to Students. Common practice shall be to distribute a course syllabus at the first course meeting. Under exceptional circumstances the syllabus may be distributed after the first course meeting, but no later than the end of the drop/add period for the course. For online or hybrid courses, the syllabi shall be posted online no later than the drop/add period for the course.

Part 2. Dissemination to College Administration. A faculty member shall upon request, provide a copy of the current course syllabus to the administration within 3 days of the request. Provision of syllabi to the administration under this procedure does not constitute a release of the intellectual property rights of the faculty.

Instructors not complying will be in violation of College policy and subject to disciplinary action as set forth in the MSCF bargaining agreement.

Course descriptions from the course outlines are available on the ATC website located at www.anokatech.edu



11.2012 Updated course prefixes

11.2017 Removed "Texts and References" from the CCO list; added "Grading Criteria" to Syllabus Requirements; removed listing of course prefixes, and other minor language changes