Policy 3.11: Faculty Development & Review Process

Faculty knowledge, expertise, and skilled teaching are the cornerstone of student success at Anoka Technical College.  Academic Affairs, through the implementation of Anoka Technical College’s Strategic Goals and the Master Academic Plan, is committed to enhancing student learning inside and outside the classroom, as well as nurturing excellence in faculty by supporting their professional development within their fields of expertise. 

In accordance with Minnesota State Board Policy 4.9, MN Statute 43 A.20, and The Higher Learning Commission Criteria for Accreditation-Criterion 3, evaluation of faculty is to demonstrate the quality and effectiveness of the faculty member’s work and to determine successful completion of probationary status.  Per Minnesota State Board Policy 4.9, each Minnesota State  institution and Minnesota State itself shall have in place a procedure for evaluating employees, including faculty and administrators, on an annual basis.

The purpose of the evaluation process is to ensure that the college meets the needs of students and the community, to assure proper allocation and assignment of faculty, to identify strengths of faculty members and to assist in building onto their strengths and reducing any gaps in performance.  The evaluation and its result will be treated with confidentiality. 

Faculty reviews will be completed in a timely manner consistent with requirements found in Minnesota Statutes.  Implementation of the faculty review process will be conducted according to the Anoka Technical College's Procedure on Faculty Development and Review.

Unlimited faculty will be reviewed on a three-year rotation with student course evaluations completed every semester. Probationary (full and part time) faculty will be reviewed on a yearly basis with student course evaluations completed every semester, until completion of the probationary period.  Temporary (full and part time) and adjunct faculty will be reviewed as determined by the supervisor with student course evaluations completed every semester for every course section.  Upon the request of the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs or the Academic Dean, off-rotation review(s) may be conducted.

The faculty review process includes:

a)  The Faculty Review Form (filled out by faculty)

b)  The Faculty Review Form (filled out by administration)

c)  The Faculty Review Form (filled out during the faculty review consultation by the faculty member and administration or by peer reviewer during the classroom observation if this option is selected by faculty)

d)  Pre-Observation Form (filled out by the faculty and submitted to Academic Affairs a minimum of one week prior to the scheduled observation).

e)  Professional Development Plan (filled out by faculty and submitted to Academic Affairs a minimum of one week prior to the Faculty Review Consultation).

Non-probationary faculty may request that the classroom observation be completed by peer review, but Administration retains the right to choose the review method for each faculty member.  Probationary faculty, and faculty with temporary full time, temporary part time, and adjunct status will have classroom observations completed by administration. Faculty may request an administrator other than their supervising dean to complete their faculty review.

Peer reviewers must hold non-probationary status as a faculty member.  Faculty who elect to have a peer review will have the peer reviewer selected by Academic Affairs.  The faculty member will schedule the classroom observation with the peer reviewer.  This observing faculty member will complete the Faculty Review Form and discuss the report with the observed faculty member as soon as possible (no later than one month) after the observation.  When faculty are reviewed by peers, the Administration will meet with the faculty member to discuss the Professional Development Plan for that year.

Non-teaching non-probationary faculty will be reviewed, on a three year rotation, non-teaching probationary faculty (full and part-time) will be reviewed on a yearly basis, and non-teaching temporary (full and part-time) and adjunct faculty will be reviewed as determined by the supervisor, using the Employee Performance Evaluation (filled out by Administrator) and the Employee Self Evaluation (completed by employee. If the non-teaching faculty is probationary, the faculty member will be reviewed annually until they are no longer probationary).



11.2015 Adopted