Policy 2.11: Academic Forgiveness


The purpose of this policy is to provide students who have had academic difficulties at an earlier stage of their academic career the opportunity for a ‘second chance’ at academic success at Anoka Technical College (ATC).

Students who have been away from Anoka Technical College for at least two years are given a one-time opportunity to seek Academic Forgiveness of previous unsatisfactory academic coursework at Anoka Technical College. This student initiated process allows unsatisfactory grades (D’s, F’s, FN’s and FW’s) in previous courses to be forgiven in order to establish a new grade point average (GPA).

General Information

  • All courses and grades remain on the transcript; only the cumulative GPA is recalculated.
  • Courses and grades removed from the student’s GPA through Academic Forgiveness cannot be used to satisfy any academic requirement.
  • Academic Forgiveness will not be applied to any financial aid situation. Federal financial aid regulations do not recognize Academic Forgiveness.
  • Applies only to GPA calculated by ATC. Transfer institutions may not honor the ATC Academic Forgiveness policy.
  • Academic suspensions are not included in this policy. Students are required to appeal any suspensions.


Students who request Academic Forgiveness under this policy must meet the following conditions:

  • The student must not have been enrolled at Anoka Technical College for a minimum of two consecutive years (24 months) prior to the point of readmission to the college.
  • The student must achieve a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher in all coursework completed since readmission, with at least 12 credits completed before applying for Academic Forgiveness.
  • The student must be in attendance and be accepted to a degree seeking major at the time of the petition.
  • The student must state the courses to be forgiven on the Academic Forgiveness Petition form. Courses from a maximum of two consecutive terms can be forgiven.
  • The student must apply for Academic Forgiveness within one calendar year after completing the 12 semester credits with at least a 2.0 GPA.



Originator: Student Affairs

11.2015 Adopted