Policy 1A.1 Policies and Procedures Policy

Policy 1A.1: 

This document guides Anoka Technical College’s (ATC) Policies and Procedure system for the development, distribution, implementation, review and revision of all operating policies and procedures. The document offers the principles that guide action and shall be consistent with Minnesota State and relevant state and federal laws, rules and regulations. Finally, this document outlines the model for a central repository for policy maintenance and establishes a record and retention schedule.


Objectives of the ATC Policy on Policies and Procedures Guidelines:

  1. Ensure clarity and consistency of ATC policies and procedures.
  2. Ensure the regular review of ATC policies and procedures.
  3. Ensure ATC compliance with Minnesota State, state and federal regulations.
  4. Ensure that ATC policies and procedures reflect best practice.
  5. Ensure retention and distribution of policies and procedures.


The Policy and Procedure Development Outline


  1. The Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs and Faculty Shared Governance agree upon the makeup of membership as stated below for the Policy and Procedure Committee that shall be responsible for collection of any proposed policy changes and new policy requests to ensure compliance with established protocol and to be responsible for tracking and dissemination. Annually, in collaboration with the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs, the MSCF chapter president shall appoint the faculty member to the committee. This committee will consist of: one administrator who will serve as co-coordinator with the appointed faculty member, one more person from academic affairs, one person from student affairs and an AFSCME member.
  2. Through the committee, all formalized policies and procedures will be maintained in electronic format and made accessible to all staff and students as applicable.
  3. For tracking purposes and to ensure proper feedback, all policies and procedures will be assigned, according to the list below, to one of the following policy representatives or delegates, assigned by the president:

    Chapter 1: Organization and Administration: Vice President of Finance & Administration

    Chapter 2: Student Affairs: Vice President of Academic & Student Affairs

    Chapter 3: Academic Affairs: Vice President of Academic & Student Affairs

    Chapter 4: Human Resources: Director of Human Resources

    Chapter 5: Physical Plant Operations: Vice President of Finance & Administration

    Chapter 6: Business Affairs: Vice President of Finance & Administration
    Chapter 7: College Relations: Director of Institutional Advancement

    Chapter 8: Guidelines: Chief of Staff

    The policy representative is responsible for shepherding policy through the approval process including tracking constituent input and changes.

  4. Where applicable, each policy and procedure should be benchmarked against current best practice and similar policies and procedures at other institutions.
  5. The Policy and Procedure Committee has the authority to correct obvious typographical errors and to make minor administrative changes to policies and related documents; limited to updating contact details and updating the titles of committee members.
  6. All policies and procedures are to be reviewed or approved by Faculty Shared Governance or Academic Affairs and Standards Council where required. As well, all policies and procedures should be reviewed by any external constituencies as required or appropriate. Final approval shall be granted by the president.
  7. All policies and procedures must be reviewed by the Policy and Procedures Committee and presented in common format using the approved Policies & Procedures template.
  8. All policies and procedures are subject to ongoing review and a review cycle commencing no more than five years from the date of approval of the policy or procedure.



02.2012 Adopted

09.2014 Revised

01.2015 Technical changes

12.2015 Technical changes, add assignments and update chapters

07.2017 Technical change: MnSCU to Minnesota State