Policy 3.16 Credit Transfer

Policy Statement

Anoka Technical College grants transfer credit for individuals enrolled in a program major. Only those courses that are applicable to a student's certificate, diploma, or degree will be considered for transfer. Anoka Technical College will accept in transfer courses that it determines to be comparable or equivalent to specific courses it offers.

Technical College Credits

Transfer of technical credits will be considered for courses that have been completed within five years prior to application for admission to Anoka Technical College. Students with technical courses that were completed more than five years prior to application should consult with program faculty for options for applicability.

Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) and Other Courses

Anoka Technical College will accept all Minnesota Transfer Curriculum courses and goal areas as defined by the sending institution. However, there is no guarantee that courses from private and non-Minnesota colleges will satisfy MnTC goals; such courses are evaluated on an individual basis.

Anoka Technical College will accept courses from other institutions with grades of D or higher. While the college will accept grades of D, individual departments (due to varying departmental policies regarding acceptable grades for graduation) may not accept them.

Transferring Credits from Other Colleges

Students wishing to transfer credits from another institution other than a Minnesota State institution must provide an official copy of the transcript from the other institution to the Office of Records and Registration, along with a course outline and a description of the course.

Transcripts from other Minnesota State institutions are automatically reviewed once the student has been accepted to a program major. The designated transfer specialist will evaluate the college-level courses completed to determine if they will be accepted in transfer. The evaluation will be completed according to Minnesota State Board Policies and Procedures.

If students wish to substitute a course that is not part of their program plan, whether the course is from Anoka Technical College or another institution, a Course Substitution Petition must be completed after consulting with program faculty. The petition can also be used to add an additional course that is not part of their program plan. The completed form must be submitted to the Office of Records and Registration.

Appeal of Transfer of Credit

If a student is not satisfied with a decision regarding transfer of credit, the student may petition using the Appeal of Transfer Credit form. Program faculty and the Academic Dean review the appeal.

If a student is not satisfied with the Anoka Technical College transfer appeal decision, the student may appeal the decision at the system level to the Minnesota State Senior Vice Chancellor of Academic and Student Affairs. The decision of the Senior Vice Chancellor is binding.


History :

05.2017  Adopted