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PWT receives $800,000 to help businesses succeed

The Professional and Workforce Training (PWT) division of Anoka Technical College and Anoka-Ramsey Community College recently received $799,022 in Minnesota Jobs Skills Partnership (MJSP) grants to train employees at Aspen Equipment, Faribault Foods and Federal Cartridge.

With a $271,310 MJSP Grant, PWT will work with Aspen Equipment, located in Bloomington, to provide on-site training to their 125 employees. After the eight modules of technical training, trainees will qualify for a number of certifications including: ASW Welding; DOT Inspector; National Crane Master Certification; and OSHA. The training is intended to help Aspen Equipment maintain quality and improve productivity. Aspen Equipment manufactures and sells light and heavy-duty truck equipment directly to domestic and Canadian end users. The main manufacturing facility, located in Bloomington, specializes in refitting truck chassis and represents more than 40 brands of equipment.

With a $300,000 MJSP Grant, PWT and Faribault Foods, located in Faribault, Cokato and Elk River, will collaborate to develop training for 302 technical operators and maintenance mechanics. Courses will focus on eight skills areas: High Speed Electrical Systems, Production Hydraulics and Pneumatics, Mechanical Systems, Automated Motor Controls, Programmable Logic Controls, Robotic Applications, Production Process Energy Conservations and Measuring System Performance and Quality. The training is intended to help Faribault Foods to improve productivity and performance. The Faribault Foods has operated as a leading contract manufacturer of canned and packaged food for more than 100 years.

With a $227,712 MJSP grant, PWT will partner with Federal Cartridge Company, located in Anoka, to create a customized in-site training program for 202 employees over a two-year period. Training will include Job Instruction, Job Methods and Job Relations, and is intended to help Federal Cartridge improve productivity and decrease their worker-management ratio. Federal Cartridge is a newly-formed ammunition manufacturing company created as a result of the business split by Alliant Tech Systems into two independent companies. Federal Cartridge designs and manufactures ammunition, shooting accessories and firearms for sport-shooting, law enforcement, military and tactical markets.

More about MJSP Grants

MJSP is a program within the Department of Economic and Employment Development (DEED).  Duane Lowe (Director of Operations at Federal Cartridge), Paul Moe (Director of the MJSP program), and Jamie Barthel (Executive Director of the PWT) are the people signing the document. The Anoka area was represented by Anoka County Commissioner Matt Look, Anoka City Council Member Jeff Weaver, and Anoka City Council Member Steve Schmidt.

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The Professional Workforce Training (PWT) Division of Anoka Technical College and Anoka-Ramsey Community College and Federal Cartridge sign a $227,712 MJSP Grant to create a customized on-site training program for Federal Cartridge’s 202 employees over a two-year period. The training is intended to help Federal Cartridge improved productivity and decrease their worker-management ratio. (from left standing)  Matt Look, Anoka  County Commissioner; Jeff Weaver, Anoka City Council Member; and Steve Schmidt; Anoka City Council Member; (from left seated) Paul Moe, Director of the MJSP program; Duane Lowe, Director of Operations at Federal Premium; and Jamie Barthel, Executive Director.

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