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College offers presentation by the founder of Predator Hunters USA, Joshua Harwell on Feb. 9

Joshua Harwell, founder of the Predator Hunters USA organization, will speak at Anoka Technical College, Saturday, Feb. 9. 10:30 am, in the college auditorium. The event is free and open to the public. One CEU is also available for attending this presentation.

The presentation, titled Internet Safety and Awareness, will focus on showing children and teens how to be safe online using social media apps. It also inform parents on how to check their child's devices. The goal is to promote awareness of what dangers there are with talking to people you do not know online and how easy it is for these predators to manipulate conversations by acting like someone a child can trust.

Predator Hunters USA mission states it wants to bring awareness of sexual predators to the community. Founder, Joshua Harwell started Predator Hunters USA in early fall 2018 and his social media site has gained more than 60,000 followers since starting. “I just want a safer world for the children of the present and future. My whole team has this passion”, said Harwell.

The event is organized by Lisa Sailor, Medical Assistant Faculty member, who heard about Predator Hunters USA and wanted to inform the public about the organization.

“As a faculty member, I want to contribute to the community in which I teach. As a mother of two, I want to contribute to a safe community. Those two goals came together as I organized bringing Predator Hunters USA to our college”, said Sailor.

More about Predator Hunters USA
Predator Hunters USA is a group of volunteers with a stated mission to expose and let communities know about sexual predators. Although the group actively works to expose predators preying on underage girls and boys, Harwell noted the team does “not wish any type of harm on these predators, and we ask the public not to be harassing these predators or their families in any way.”

For more information, contact Medical Assistant Faculty member, Lisa Sailor at 763-576-4084 or

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