Use Financial Aid to Charge Your Books

Book Charging is a process of adding the cost of books and required supplies to your account (in addition to tuition and fees). At Anoka Technical College, you may charge up to $600 without additional approval.

Who is Eligible?

You may be able to charge your books starting the week prior to course start up until the last day to add/drop a course if:

  • You are registered for the term for which you are purchasing books AND
  • The total financial aid you will be receiving at your registered credit level exceeds your tuition and fees. If your Direct Loans are needed to exceed your tuition & fees, they must be accepted in order to have the ability to charge books to your student account. You can view your awards and loan status by logging into eServices with your Star ID, password, then clicking on Financial Aid on the left-hand side of the screen.

NOTE: Your approved amount could change depending on your registered credit level or your financial aid eligibility. Changes in your registered credit levels could result in your approved amount being reduced or you could become ineligible for book charging. You may also become ineligible for book charging if you are placed on Financial Aid Suspension due to not meeting the Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements. You are still required to pay book and/or required supply charges even if your financial aid eligibility changes.

Your Responsibilities

You will be held responsible for full payment of your books if you become ineligible for financial aid or your aid is not enough to cover tuition/fees and your books.

Failure to pay all charges on your account will prevent you from registering for future courses and a hold will be placed on your academic records at Anoka Technical College. Your debt will also be referred to the Minnesota Department of Revenue for collection, if unpaid.

Other Important Information

Some academic and/or financial aid holds will prevent you from being eligible to charge books to your student account. Contact the Financial Aid Office with questions about your eligibility.