COTA - Physical Rehabilitation Practice - 00182573

Description: This client-centered, occupation-base course focuses on all aspects of the occupational therapy (OT) process for people who may have physical health conditions leading to performance skill deficits. Emphasis is on the role of the Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) in direct OT service, including the performance of intervention planning, clinical-in-the-moment decision making, safety awareness/management, as well as inter- and intra-professional collaboration. Documentation standards for ethical and reimbursable OT services are assessed through case studies, point-of-service simulation, and lab experiences. Use of simulated electronic health record prepares students for transition to the field of physical rehabilitation practice. During labs, the focus is on demonstration of skills related to clinical reasoning, safety, assessment outcomes, and developing intervention techniques using creativity to meet client outcomes. Therapeutic use of self with self-assessment/reflection of skills will be applied to course content. (Prerequisites: COTA 1280, PSYC 1406, PSYC 1506, ENGL 1107 or 2105, SPCH 1200 or 1500, HLTH 1005. Co-requisites: COTA 2310, COTA 2340, COTA 2350, COTA 2391. This course is restricted tot the following major, Occupational Therapy Assistant.) (3 credits lecture/1 credits lab)

Credits: 4.00

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