COTA - Clinical Conditions - 00180890

Description: This course is foundational course within the Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) program that provides basic information regarding the disease process for a variety of physical, genetic/developmental, trauma/injury induced and psychosocial conditions. It prioritizes the conditions most commonly treated within Occupational Therapy (OT) practice. The following topics are presented for each condition: etiology, symptoms, disease course, prognosis, precautions/contraindications, medical terminology and occupational impact. The concepts of health literacy and the role of the OTA in teaching/learning are also introduced. (Prerequisites: None; Co-requisites: COTA 1001, COTA 1105, and HLTH 1005. This course is restricted to the following major, Occupational Therapy Assistant Program.)(4 credits lecture/0 credits lab)

Credits: 4.00

MNTC Goals:

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