BIOL - Anatomy and Physiology I - 00003037

Description: Anatomy & Physiology I (A&P I) is a course designed to prepare students for advanced coursework required for health or allied healthcare educational pathways. This course emphasizes the anatomical and physiological organization and interrelationships of the major systems that comprise the human body. Building from the knowledge gained in Biology 1106, A&P I will focus mainly on the following systems: integumentary, musculoskeletal, nervous, endocrine, and sensory. Laboratory dissection, experiments, and computer-assisted instruction will provide students with the necessary foundation of knowledge required for successful transition into A&P II. (Prerequisites: BIOL 1106) (MN Transfer Goals 2 and 3) (3 credits lecture/1 credit lab)

Credits: 4.00

MNTC Goals:

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