AUTO - Supervised Internship II - 00002766

Description: This course will require 80 hours of documented on-the-job work/training to be performed in an instructor approved and contracted automotive service facility. This course provides an opportunity for the student to apply knowledge and skills gained in the first and second semester of the Automotive Technician program courses to the real world service and repair environment. The student will also be provided opportunities to demonstrate, practice, and develop industry standard soft skills, including communication, team work, maintaining high quality of work, and demonstrating good personal habits, attitude, judgement, and initiative. (Prerequisites: AUTO 2005, AUTO 2164, AUTO 2166, and AUTO 2183) (Co-requisites: AUTO 2119 and AUTO 2129)(0 credits lecture/0 credits lab/2 credits OJT)

Credits: 2.00

MNTC Goals:

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