Course List & Descriptions



1040-ACCT Income Tax IView4.00
1030-ACCT Payroll AccountingView2.00
2226-ACCT Intermediate Accounting IView4.00
2227-ACCT Intermediate Accounting IIView4.00
2231-ACCT Income Tax IIView2.00
1015-ACCT Principles of Accounting IView4.00
1025-ACCT Principles of Accounting IIView4.00
1045-ACCT Tax LabView1.00
1220-ACCT Cost AccountingView4.00
1225-ACCT Accreditation in Accountancy Preparatory CourseView3.00
1085-ACCT Construction AccountingView2.00
1075-ACCT Computerized Accounting: Microsoft Dynamics GPView2.00
1055-ACCT Computerized Accounting: PeachtreeView2.00
1065-ACCT Computerized Accounting: QuickBooksView2.00
1035-ACCT Income Tax IView3.00
1100-ACCT Cost AccountingView3.00
1110-ACCT Income Tax IIView3.00
1120-ACCT Intermediate Accounting IView3.00
1210-ACCT Registered Tax Return Preparer Preparatory CourseView3.00
1200-ACCT Bookkeeper Certification Preparatory CourseView3.00
1170-ACCT Advanced Payroll AccountingView2.00
1160-ACCT Advanced QuickBooksView2.00
1130-ACCT Intermediate Accounting IIView3.00
1341-ADSC Electronic Career SearchView1.00
1450-ADSC Technology Tools for the WorkplaceView2.00
1282-ADSC Medical Office ProceduresView3.00
1038-ADSC Administrative Office ProceduresView4.00
1205-ADSC Written Business CommunicationsView3.00
1325-ADSC Quality & Performance Improvement in HealthcareView3.00
1051-ADSC Office AccountingView3.00
1201-ADSC Desktop Publishing/PublisherView2.00
1231-ADSC ICD-9-CM CodingView3.00
1249-ADSC Advanced Coding & ReimbursementView2.00
1247-ADSC Health Information Systems and TechnologyView3.00
1252-ADSC Professional Practice for Coding SpecialistsView3.00
1241-ADSC HIT Professional Practice Experience IView2.00
1242-ADSC Health Care Delivery SystemsView2.00
1244-ADSC Legal & Ethical Aspects in Health CareView2.00
1245-ADSC Concepts of Health Data RegistriesView3.00
1246-ADSC HIT Professional Practice Experience IIView2.00
1221-ADSC Introduction to Health Information ManagementView3.00
1031-ADSC Business English SkillsView3.00
1196-ADSC Microsoft WordView4.00
1375-ADSC Advanced Keyboarding/Skillbuilding IView1.00
1385-ADSC Advanced Keyboarding/Skillbuilding IIView1.00
1006-ADSC Business LawView4.00
1141-ADSC Integrated Software ApplicationsView3.00
1171-ADSC Microsoft ExcelView2.00
1181-ADSC Microsoft AccessView2.00
1161-ADSC Microsoft PowerPointView2.00
1040-ADSC Applied Medical TerminologyView2.00
1100-ADSC Legal Research, Citations, & Office ProceduresView4.00
1240-ADSC Coding & Reimbursement for Physicians' ServicesView3.00
1270-ADSC Medical Coding Specialist InternshipView3.00
1010-ADSC Keyboarding IView3.00
1020-ADSC Keyboarding IIView3.00
1340-ADSC Business Job Seeking SkillsView1.00
1135-ADSC Legal Administrative Assistant InternshipView2.00
1060-ADSC Government, Courts, & Minnesota Criminal LawView3.00
1070-ADSC Minnesota Corporate Law, Collections & BankruptcyView3.00
1080-ADSC Minnesota Probate & Real Estate LawView4.00
1090-ADSC Minnesota Family Law & Civil LitigationView4.00
1110-ADSC Legal Transcription IView2.00
1120-ADSC Legal Transcription IIView2.00
1053-ADSC Office BookkeepingView3.00
2085-ARCH Structural TechnologyView3.00
2055-ARCH Commercial CAD StudioView3.00
2005-ARCH Residential CAD StudioView4.00
1002-ARCH Construction Print ReadingView2.00
2029-ARCH Advanced Revit 3D CADView3.00
1000-ARCH Residential ConstructionView2.00
2030-ARCH Building CodesView1.00
2050-ARCH Commercial StudioView6.00
2070-ARCH Commercial DesignView2.00
1025-ARCH Architectural Office PracticesView2.00
1040-ARCH Residential GraphicsView1.00
1015-ARCH Commercial ConstructionView2.00
1045-ARCH Commercial GraphicsView1.00
1051-ARCH Architectural CAD IView3.00
1052-ARCH Architectural CAD IIView3.00
2000-ARCH Residential StudioView5.00
2025-ARCH Revit Architectural 3D CADView2.00
1031-ARCH Building SystemsView2.00
2081-ARCH Structural Technology IView2.00
2082-ARCH Structural Technology IIView2.00
2027-ARCH Intermediate Revit Architecture 3-D CADView2.00
1035-ARCH Green Building StrategiesView1.00
1100-ASL American Sign Language IView3.00
1000-ASL Deaf Studies/CultureView3.00
2005-AUTO Supervised Internship IView2.00
2006-AUTO Supervised Internship IIView2.00
2007-AUTO Supervised Internship IIIView2.00
1010-AUTO General Automotive ServiceView2.00
2164-AUTO Chassis Electrical SystemsView3.00
2166-AUTO Starting & Charging SystemsView2.00
2145-AUTO Suspension & Steering System ServiceView4.00
2135-AUTO Manual Drive Train Systems & ServiceView4.00
2183-AUTO Fuel & Ignition Management Systems & ServiceView6.00
2175-AUTO Automotive Climate Control & ServiceView4.00
2187-AUTO Automotive Computer Systems & DriveabilityView4.00
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