GPA Calculator

The Grade Point Average (GPA) Calculator found on this page can be used to determine unofficial GPA for a single semester (term) or the entire academic record (cumulative). The results should be used for information gathering only. An official GPA can be found on the student academic record/transcript. A print friendly GPA calculation guide can be found here.

In order to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress standards at Anoka Technical College, students are required to hold a 2.0 GPA or above. The following system is used to determine a student’s GPA:

A: four grade points per credit
B: three grade points per credit
C: two grade points per credit
D: one grade point per credit
F, FN, FW: zero grade points per credit
I, IP, S, U, W, Z: not considered in determining grade point average

Directions: Combining your Potential GPA with your Existing GPA

  1. Enter your current earned credit hours and current cumulative GPA in the top row.
  2. Then enter the projected grade information for up to 8 new courses below using the projected course grade and GPA credits per course.
  3. Click the Calculate GPA button to get your combined potential GPA.
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Skip the fields above to only calculate your potential GPA for this term using the form fields below.

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