Completion Rate Calculator

The Completion Rate calculator is used to determine UNOFFICIAL Completion Rate calculations for a single semester or the entire academic record. The results should be used for information gathering only.

To meet Satisfactory Academic Progress standards at Anoka Technical College, students are required to earn a 67% cumulative completion rate or above.

The following grade types do not earn credit: "F", "FN", "FW", "W", "U" and "I". Credit is not yet earned for a "Z" (in-progress grade).

Directions for locating your academic record/transcript can be found here.

Directions: Finding your Completion Rate

  1. In the first box, enter the Credits Attempted.
  2. In the second box, enter the Credits Earned. 
  3. Press Enter or Tab. The form will calculate your completion rate automatically. 

  4. comp rate calc
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