Engineering, Manufacturing & Technology

Architecture Technology & Construction, Electronic Engineering Technology, Machine Trades, Mechanical Drafting & Design and Welding

People in engineering, manufacturing and technology trades make the world go around. These jobs build the infrastructure and the tools to build the infrastructure that keep society working.

Anoka Technical College offers the following Engineering, Manufacturing and Technology programs:

Architectural Technology & Construction
Electronic Engineering Technology
Architectural and Construction Technology AAS degree,

Construction Electrician diploma

Construction Estimating certificate

Biomedical Equipment Technician (BMET) AAS degree

Electronic Technology diploma

Electronic Engineering Technology
AAS degree

Machine Trades
Mechanical Drafting & Design

CNC Machinist diploma

CNC Manufacturing Technology AAS degree, diploma

Machinist diploma

Multi-Axis Machining Advanced certificate

Machine Technology Certificate 1, 2 and 3 certificates

Mechanical Drafting & Design AAS degree

CAD Drafter diploma

Basic CAD Drafting certificate

Advanced CAD Drafting certificate


Welding AAS degree

Welding diploma

Basic Welding certificate

Fabricator certificate

Pipe Welder certificate


In engineering technology, manufacturing and construction, there are many types of jobs at all levels, as well as a variety of industries.

If you are, or would like to be, good at building things from scratch or fixing things that are broken, this field may be the right one for you. Anoka Technical College offers programs that respond to an increasing industry demand for highly-qualified personnel who have a combination of technical and critical-thinking skills.

If you are a problem solver, a manufacturing or construction program may be just what you are looking for.

Here are sample careers, growth expected and salaries in the metropolitan area and throughout Minnesota.

Job Title

Percent Change in Employment 2010-2020 Twin Cities Minnesota
Median Wage per hour (2012)
Architectural Drafter 3.8% $24.19 $24.19
Boilermaker 28.1% $25.61 $32.01
CNC Machine Programmer 18.4% $25.55 $22.66
CNC Tool Operator 29.7% $19.29 $18.17
Construction Trades Workers 28.5% $27.58 $24.05
Construction/Building Inspector 10.7% $30.85 $29.23
Supervisor, Construction and Extraction Worker 26.6% $33.04 $31.48
Cost Estimator 35.9% $29.03 $27.48
Electrical and Electronic Equipment Mechanics 7.8% $25.91 $24.96
Electrical and Electronics Installers and Repairer 1.5% $27.86 $27.74
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technicians -0.5% $26.28 $26.41
Electrical and Electronics Drafters 0.9% $26.01 $25.77
Electrician 35.5% $32.68 $30.36
Engineering Technician 4.2% $25.83 $25.21
Fabricator/Assembler 11% $15.44 $15.08
Machinist/Tool and Die Maker 13.3% $21.61 $20.96
Mechanical Drafter 13.1% $26.67 $24.84
Medical Equipment Repairers 27.9% $26.24 $25.96
Plumbers/Pipefitter/Steamfitter 41% $33.36 $30.01
Sheet Metal Worker 32.2% $38.58 $33.10
Welder/Cutters/Solderers/Brazers 18% $20.76 $18.49

 Source: Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED)