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The world of technology is continually evolving; keeping up to date is critical to your organization's success.

Professional & Workforce Training offers comprehensive computer and technology training to give your employees the edge they need to stay ahead.

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Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe InDesign

Desktop Publishing

Adobe Dreamweaver


Web Graphics

Web Design

Web Development

Web Marketing & Search Engine Optimization

Mobile Web Design & App Development

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Access

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Project


QuickBooks Payroll

Cisco CCNA

Cisco CCNA Security

Cisco CCNA Wireless


CompTIA A+

CompTIA Network+

CompTIA Security+

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows Server

Project Management Fundamentals

Advanced Project Management

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Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat

Use Adobe Acrobat to deliver professional documents. Apply permission and passwords to sensitive documents. Manage interactive document review. Create and manage forms

Microsoft Office

Word: Intermediate

Add formatting and positioning graphics and WordArt. Create and format web pages, form letters, labels and other mail merge documents. Create styles and templates, develop multi-page documents, track, edit and merge changes and compare documents. Prerequisite: Word Basic or equivalent experience.

Word: Advanced

Learn advanced Word features and functions: import and link data, explore advanced graphic features, create and modify forms, create charts and diagrams use collaboration tools, create and run macros, customize menu options and explore XML. Prerequisite: Word Intermediate or equivalent.

Access: Basic

Access' powerful data management tools, database concepts and terminology. Explore Access tools and menus. Navigate, enter and edit records, create and modify tables and simple queries and work with filter and sort options. Use and modify forms, field types and relationships. Plan and create reports. Prerequisite: Window-Basic, Word - Basic, or equivalent experience.

Access: Intermediate

Create and work with multiple table queries, calculated query fields and Data Access Pages. Build summary and AND/OR queries. Develop, customize and format forms, sub- forms and reports. Share Access information with other Office programs and use advances query options such as Update, Make-Table, and Append/Delete. Prerequisite: Access Basic or equivalent.

Access: Advanced

Work with form check boxes, toggle buttons and conditional formatting. Create custom Help, passwords and switchboards, manage database objects, automate tasks and functions by using macros and modules, understand database documentation options, customize startup options, and explore encryption, performance analyzing, replication, synchronization, and splitting options. Prerequisite: Access Intermediate or equivalent experience

Excel: Basic

Learn to use Excel worksheets and workbooks for a variety of business functions. Explore Excel tools and menus. Create, edit and format worksheets and workbooks. Move and copy data, use formulas and functions, and learn chart basics and print options. Prerequisite: Windows Basic or equivalent experience.

Excel: Intermediate

Customize options, toolbars and menus. Work with multiple worksheets and workbooks and link worksheets. Edit display options, filter and sort lists, explore advanced charting and formatting options, use comments and documenting /auditing options, and create and manage templates. Prerequisite: Excel Basic or equivalent experience.

Excel: Advanced

Use text and information functions. Create array functions, custom lists and custom charts. Use advanced editing and formatting features, share and protect information, analyze data using add-ins, reports and statistical analysis tools and change default settings. Prerequisite: Excel Intermediate or equivalent experience.

Powerpoint: Basic

Learn to create presentations with PowerPoint design tools. Explore PowerPoint tools and menus, create, edit and view presentations, use the AutoContent wizard, add slide headers and footers, use proofing tools, format text, draw and modify objects, align and group objects, enhance presentations with graphics, charts and automation, and use PowerPoint Masters. Prerequisite: Windows Basic or equivalent experience.

Powerpoint: Intermediate

Enhance your PowerPoint skills and efficiency. Edit and format charts, animate charts and sounds, work with organizational charts, link and embed Word and Excel objects, insert pictures, sounds and hyperlinks, create a custom show, use the Meeting Minder, rehearse slide timings, and use the Pack and Go Wizard. Prerequisite: PowerPoint Basic or equivalent experience.

Publisher: Basic

Learn to use Publisher's design tools to create professional-looking publications. Topics include: exploring Publisher tools and menus, creating, modifying, and saving publications, using ruler guides, inserting and deleting pages, working with text boxes, creating Master pages, using proofing tools, formatting text and paragraph flow, working with pictures and Design Gallery objects, and preparing publications for distribution.


QuickBooks: Basic

Use QuickBooks to manage and reconcile credit card transactions, handle pre-paid expenses, organize fixed assets, enter depreciation, record loan payments and set up scheduled payments, track use tax and pay sales taxes.

QuickBooks: Payroll

Use QuickBooks to effectively manage your payroll. This two-session course includes: setting up payroll accounts and items, creating employee templates and payroll forms (941, W2 and W3), paying salaries, wages and taxes/liabilities, reviewing and correcting payroll checks, and troubleshooting and customizing payroll functions.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Create a table of contents and add creative effects, cross-references and text variables. Use XML with InDesign. Discuss the preflight and packaging options for handing off to a print professional and the use of pdf files.

Graphic Design: InDesign

InDesign is the standard for publishing and page layout. It is easy to learn and seamlessly integrates with other Adobe programs. Explore the basic elements and tools through hands-on exercises. Create a document and manage page sizes, type and text flow.

Graphic Design

Master art techniques and build your skills. Use tools to create special effects: realistic shadows, type effects, repeat patterns and 3-D effects.

Graphic Design

Use graphics, objects and tables to enhance your publications. Learn to use embedded and compound paths, frames and text outlines. Use the eyedropper, measure, shear, scale, pen, scissors, free transform and pencil. 



CCNA certified professionals install, configure and operate LAN and WAN services for small networks. The course will focus on practical, real-world applications. You will prepare for the CCNA exam and learn to implement Cisco technologies in the workplace. Classes are taught by Cisco-certified instructors with extensive industry experience.