StarID is a username and password that will be used across the Minnesota State to access information technology systems and services. It is part of the Identity and Access Management Initiative (IAM). As systems are configured to use Star ID, the number of usernames and passwords students and employees will need to remember and use will be reduced. Ideally, all systems will be able to use Star ID so people will have a single username and password.

Currently, depending on the Minnesota State systems you use/have access to, you may have multiple user logins and passwords. Star ID will eventually provide one credential to access IT services both across Minnesota State and within institutions.

The purpose for the Identity and Access Management Initiative (IAM) is:

  • Protect identity and privacy of Minnesota State users;
  • increase efficiency for faculty, staff and students by reducing time required to gain access to resources;
  • support learning programs and innovations by allowing increased and faster deployments of new web-based applications and services.

What does it do?
It gives approved users access to the following Minnesota State services:  

  • E-time sheets
  • E-transcripts
  • Employee tuition waiver
  • Human Resources
  • Accounting
  • Student Direct Deposit
  • Veterans Administration

How do I get a Star ID?

  • Once you have your Tech ID number, go here
  • Click on activate Star ID;
  • Complete steps 1 and 2.