Higher One FAQ

New students will be issued a Tech iT card after they register for classes at Anoka Technical College.
Go to eServices to update your home address now so the card comes in the mail.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Higher One account?

The Higher One Account is a checking account service from Higher One. Review the Higher One Account information online at www.ANOKATECHiTCARD.com for more details.

How does this benefit students?

Financial aid refunds were previously issued by paper check and direct deposit into a bank account. This method resulted in a long wait for students because the majority of students choose to have their disbursements provided through a paper check. Students now have more options for how they receive their disbursements and, depending on the refund disbursement preference, will receive their money faster.

Do I have to open a Higher One account?

You are not required to open a Higher One Account. You can choose to have your financial aid disbursement deposited into your current checking account or have a paper check mailed to your home address..

What happens if I don't activate the Higher One card?

After 21 days, if a refund preference has not been selected, and the refund 'times-out,' Higher One will mail a check to the student at the primary address we have on file. The check is known as the Unidentified Refund Options Check (UFO).

Do I have to choose a preference for a refund? 

You will need to activate your Higher One Tech iT card in order select your refund preference. You will have three options: transfer to an existing bank account, Higher One Account/debit card or paper check sent by mail.

How do I choose my refund/deposite preference?

Visit www.ANOKATECHiTCARD.com card to select your refund preference? Students are free to choose the Higher One Account, transfer to an existing bank account or get a check mailed to their address. Each preference is easy to choose and confirmed to make sure there is no mistake.

Can I change my refund preference?

Yes, you can change your refund preference at any time online at www.ANOKATECHiTCARD.com. Select "Financial Refunds" then "Refund Preferences" from the main menu to update your refund selection.

Where can I use the Higher One (Tech iT) card?

If you choose the Higher One Account, you can use the card anywhere that MasterCard is accepted. There are fees for PIN-based transactions (see Fee Schedule). To avoid fees, select the "credit" option. In most cases, you will be asked to sign a receipt when you make purchases with the card.

Are there daily limits with the Higher One card?

Yes. There is a daily limit of $500 in cash from an ATM and a daily limit of $2,500 from the card.

Are there ATM fees?

You will not be charged any fees for using the Higher One ATM with your Tech iT card. However, you will be charged for using another bank's ATM (see Fee Schedule). To find the nearest ATM, login to www.ANOKATECHiTCARD.com card and go to the One Account Tab and down to Spend. Under the Heading, "Get Cash," there is a link: "Find the closest Higher One ATM." This link will bring you to the closest ATM.

If I drop a class, does refund go into Higher One account?

No, if tuition was paid by credit card online on your eServices account, refund will be put back onto the credit card rather than being processed by Higher One.

How will I know when my refund was deposited?

You will receive an email when your refund has been deposited into your Higher One Account. You can also check your balance online at www.ANOKATECHiTCARD.com.

What if I don't receive Higher One card in the mail?

You can track your card status online at www.ANOKATECHiTCARD.com using the "Where's My Card" feature. You may also visit the Anoka Tech Business Office for assistance in tracking your card.

Does Higher One charge fees?

You are not charged to receive your financial aid disbursement, regardless of your refund disbursement preference. If you select the One Account, you will not be charged for standard banking services such as zero minimum balance, online bill pay, etc.

However, there are fees for other services such as wire transfers, PIN based transaction fees, etc. Please read the Higher One Fee Schedule carefully to learn about potential fees and how to avoid being charged. To avoid a debit fee, use the "swipe and sign" method when making purchases: swipe your card, select the "credit" option and sign your receipt.

Is there a $.50 fee for purchases with the Tech iT card?

You have two options when making purchases with the Tech iT card: selecting "credit" or "debit." Both options draw money from your Higher One Account.

Where can I go for more answers?

Higher One has its own Web site of Frequently Asked Questions. You can go to the Easy Help webpage at www.ANOKATECHiTCARD.com to view these questions or to ask your own question.



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