Work Study - Student Employment

Anoka Technical College employs students with job responsibilities that vary from lab work, to mowing, to secretarial duties, to working as a tour guide. Students earn wages through two different types of programs - either federal or state work-study.

Work Study is need based. Applications will be reviewed for work-study eligibility. A work-study award indicates that the student is eligible to work and receive state or federal funding for this work. The award amount listed on your award letter is the maximum amount you are eligible to earn during the school year. Work study funds are not applied to charges at the beginning of the semester.

The following information provides details about the work programs on the Anoka Tech campus.

  • It is your responsibility to find a job you are interested in. The link below provides telephone number, office location and email address. It is the philosophy of the Financial Aid Office not to place students. We feel it is a good experience for students to locate their own job. It gives you a chance to find something you are   interested in and also provides experience for the future.  
    Work Study Job Openings
  • Once you have located employment, the department personnel will assist you in completing the necessary payroll forms. You will need to complete a student payroll authorization, I-9 form and W-4 form. Federal rules and regulations require your employer to view specific documents - your social security card, and your driver's license or birth certification. Please remember to bring these documents with you.
  • You will be paid at a rate of $9.00 per hour. Payroll will be process through your Higher One account.
  • We would like to encourage students to review the attached lists and make contacts early. Your employer will assist you in scheduling work hours around class time.

Assistance in locating off-campus employment is provided by the Career Services Office.