Course List & Descriptions



2010-ETEC Basic Wireless CommunicationsView2.00
1250-ETEC Digital IView3.00
2260-ETEC Advanced Wireless CommunicationsView3.00
1240-ETEC Introduction to Computers for Technical UsersView3.00
2251-ETEC A+ Certification Preparation & Computer TroubleshootingView6.00
2281-ETEC Advanced Network Setup & TroubleshootingView7.00
2142-ETEC C++ Programming Integrating MicrocontrollersView4.00
2161-ETEC Automation and Industrial ControlsView5.00
2123-ETEC Visual Basic.NET for TechnologyView4.00
2137-ETEC Computer Controlled Systems Integrating LabVIEWView4.00
1300-ETEC Operation Amplifiers & Linear Integrated CircuitsView2.00
1201-ETEC Solid State Electronic DevicesView5.00
2275-ETEC A+ Computer Troubleshooting & Networking for AutomationView4.00
2181-ETEC Automation and Control ConceptsView4.00
1101-ETEC DC Electrical Theory/LabView5.00
1111-ETEC AC Electrical Theory and LabView5.00
2147-ETEC Data Acquisition and Signal ConditioningView4.00
2012-ETEC Biomedical Equipment Technician (BMET)View4.00
1230-ETEC Electromechanical DevicesView3.00
2235-ETEC Instrumentation and Process Control View3.00
1271-ETEC Technical Documentation View3.00
1130-ETEC Introduction to Electronic Engineering TechnologyView2.00
1102-ETEC Mechatronics 1 DCView3.00
2177-ETEC Mechatronic Capstone Design and DocumentationView2.00
1170-ETEC Programmable Logic Controllers View2.00
2172-ETEC Mechatronic Capstone ProjectView5.00