Guideline 8.1: Department or Division Name Change

Recommendation Form

Please check one:

 Rename Existing Department/Division

 Establish New Department/Division

Rename Existing Department/Division:

Current Department/Division Name:


Division (if applicable):

Recommended Department/Division Name:


Recommended by (originator):


Rationale for request:


Establish New Department/Division:

Recommended Department/Division Name:


Division (if applicable):

Department/Division Description:


Recommended by:


Rationale for request:




Manager/Dean _____________________    Effective date      ___________________

Vice President              _____________________


President                      _____________________

Once approved, form will be returned to originator who is responsible for notification to the following departments: 

 Business Office

 Central Services


 Human Resources

 Information Technology 

 Marketing and Public Relations        



03.2012 Adopted.