Policy 3.9: Academic Grade Appeal

Anoka Technical College recognizes the long-standing and widely accepted practice that the individual classroom instructor is the final authority in evaluating student performance in his/her courses.  The grade appeal process is not intended to grade or re-grade individual assignments or projects, but rather to determine if the grade was assigned in an accurate and consistent manner.  Faculty members have the right to establish individual standards and approaches to grading consistent with the principles of academic freedom. It follows that this right brings with it a responsibility to provide students with a clearly stated course grading policy, and be fair and consistent in applying this policy.  This also means the student has a right to receive from an instructor an explanation of any grade received.

The student bears the burden of proving sufficient evidence existed, which may warrant a grade change such as proof of calculation error or omission, arbitrariness or bias. 



05.2015 Revised. Repealed Student Academic Due Process; replaced with Academic Grade Appeal