Policy 2.3: Directing Visitors

Procedure 1:  Telephone call requesting to talk to student

The person who receives the call will get the caller’s name and telephone number and give the message to the Records office.  If the situation is an emergency, an attempt will be made to deliver the message as soon as possible.


Procedure 2:  Request (in person) to talk to student

Students will not be interrupted for visitor requests.


Procedure 3:  Requests for directions to classroom areas / instructor offices

When a visitor asks the receptionist or another staff member to give directions to a particular classroom or instructor’s office, the staff member should try to find out why that visitor is asking that question.  Any request for directions to an instructor’s office should be referred to the administrative offices (7:30 a.m.-4 p.m.) and to the information desk (after 4 p.m.).


Procedure 4:  Service of Legal Documents

            All requests to serve legal papers should be referred to:

                        Students:         Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs, or Registrar

                        Staff:               Director of Human Resources & Diversity