Policy 4.9 Use of Volunteers

Part 1. Purpose.

Anoka Technical College and Anoka-Ramsey Community College recognize individuals who volunteer their time and expertise to our college provide an important service and help our students further enhance their academic and student life experience.  College volunteers perform supplemental tasks that generally would not be completed without their assistance. Volunteers are not to be used to eliminate the need for, or take the place of, paid staff.

Part 2. Applicability. 

This policy and accompanying procedure applies to individuals who:

a)      Volunteer their services directly to the college, whether on an ad hoc basis or through a formal volunteer process within a department, including spouses or partners of employees and/or retirees and;

b)      Provide services under the supervision of a Dean, Administrator, Faculty or Department/Division and;

c)      Receive no compensation for such services.



03.2014 Adopted and aligned