Procedure 2.4.1: Graduation

Graduation Procedure

Formal graduation ceremonies are held in December and May. Students who participate in the graduation ceremony are required to order and wear a cap and gown. Below are the procedures for participating in the commencement ceremony and graduating from the college:


1.   Students must apply to graduate from Anoka Technical College regardless of their plans to attend the graduation ceremony. The graduation application is available on the college website and from the Records Office. Students submit a separate application for each award.


2.   Students should review their Degree Audit Report and meet with their academic advisors to ensure graduation requirements are met.


3.   Students need to submit a completed graduation application to the Records Office by the deadline posted on the college website. For fall graduates, the application deadline is early October. For spring graduates, the application deadline is early March. Students submitting applications after the deadline may not be listed in the graduation ceremony program.


4.   Students are encouraged to submit a graduation application prior to registering for their final semester courses so they can be given priority registration.


5.   The Records Office reviews the graduation application, Degree Audit Report, and transcript to ensure all graduation requirements have been met or will be met if the student receives appropriate grades in the final semester. All students will receive an email confirming their graduation application status.


6.   The Records Office notifies faculty by email of all approved and denied graduation applications.


7.   If the application for graduation is not approved, students may file an appeal with the Dean of Student Affairs.


8.   Graduates who achieve a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.5 and above by the last semester completed prior to graduation will be identified in the graduation program with a special notation and will wear a gold honors cord. Graduates achieving a 4.0 cumulative GPA will also be identified in the graduation program with a special notation. The GPA calculations do not include final semester grades.


9.   Veterans and service members will be acknowledged for their military service in the graduation program with a special notation. They may also wear red, white, and blue cords signifying their service.


  1. Students who achieve a cumulative Anoka Technical College GPA of 3.5 and above at the time of award completion will receive a transcript notation indicating graduation with honors. Note that this calculation includes the final semester grades, which is different than the calculation in item 8.


11. Graduation awards will be mailed approximately four to six weeks after graduation to students who applied for and were approved for graduation.






Unknown adoption date

04.2016    Amended to mirror language in the Student Handbook and Academic Affairs and Standards Council (AASC) recommend changes to requirements

05.2017    Updated to reflect elimination of graduation fee, cap and gown process, and other process details to reflect current practice

02.2019    Multiple updates to clarify and reflect current practice

04.2020    Clarifies language regarding graduation application, and updates practice on transcript notation for honors.

04.2021    Removed language concerning faculty signature requirement; adjusted graduation application deadlines.