Student Network Account

Initialize Your Student Network Account (Your Star ID)

If you are a registered student and wish to login to a college computer, you will need to initialize your account first;

Logging in on Campus

After you have initialized your account, you can login to a college computer:

  1. Simultaneously press Ctrl, Alt and Delete keys to open the login dialog box
  2. In the Username field, enter your STAR ID number. 
  3. Enter your Password set when you initialized your account.  If you forgot your password click the Forgot Your Password?
  4. Click OK
  5. Congratulations! You are now logged in—don’t forget your password.

Note:  Upon successful login, you may receive a message stating your password has expired (passwords expire after 180 days). Press the Yes button to change your password—follow the instructions (password must be at least eight characters in length)


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