D2L Brightspace

D2L Brightspace is a course management system that is used for students enrolled in online courses. Many instructors in face-to-face and web-enhanced courses use D2L Brightspace to provide course materials to their students online. Unless designated as an online course, some courses may not be listed on D2L Brightspace. Instructors have the option of requesting that their course be available online.  Go to the D2L Brightspace Login Page.

Desire2Learn System Status

If D2L becomes unavailable, check the D2L Brightspace system status page.  This page will indicate any issues with the system and when the system will be back online and fully operational.

Using Desire2Learn for the First Time

  1. Activate your free student email account
  2. Perform a D2L Brightspace system check to be sure that your computer meets the minimum requirements for accessing Desire2Learn Brightspace. Some courses may require that you install additional plug-ins.  
  3. To login to D2L Brightspace, your username is your StarID.  Your password is your StarID password.  For StarID help,  go to http://starid.mnscu.edu/.

Note: Students will be able to login into D2L Brightspace 55 days before the semester starts, but not access their courses until the first date of the semester. It will take one business day for your courses to be available in D2L Brightspace after you register for classes.

MnSCU is also running daily integrations to get students enrolled in their D2L courses faster…see schedule below

When can I see my D2L Brightspace course if I just registered?

Morning Integration Run (7 days a week – Saturday now included)
· 10:00 AM: Deadline for student enrollments for morning integration run
· 11:00 AM: XML processing begins and expected to be completed within two hours
· 1:00 PM: D2L access available for students who registered in eServices prior to 10:00 AM

Afternoon Integration Run (7 days a week – Saturday now included)

· 3:00 PM: Deadline for student enrollments for afternoon integration run
· 4:00 PM: XML processing begins and expected to be completed within two hours
· 6:00 PM: D2L access available for students who registered in eServices prior to 3:00 PM

Nightly Integration Run (7 days a week – Saturday now included)

· Will continue to run as it does today without change.
· 10:00 PM: Deadline for student enrollments for overnight integration run
· 11:00 PM: XML processing begins and expected to be completed within two hours
· 1:00 AM: D2L access available for students who registered in eServices prior to 10:00 PM

Learn How to Use D2L Brightspace

View Online Student Help.  Several D2L Brightspace tool topics are listed under Learning Environment.

D2L Brightspace will be upgraded to version 10.4.  For information on the changes, please see this link:
What's New for Students in Version 10.4?

Introduction to Online Learning:

For some students, traditional on campus face-to-face courses just don’t fit into their busy lives. That is why Anoka Technical College offers online courses. Online courses provide flexible scheduling, reduce commute time, and bring college as close as the nearest computer.

Our online courses are offered using D2L Brightspace learning management system, enabling online students to receive the same learning experience, as well as the same rigor and academic standard, as face-to-face courses. Like traditional face-to-face courses, no online course is exactly the same. Some incorporate the latest multi-media technology and others rely on more traditional online learning tools. Some courses require high degrees of student interaction, and others are more self-paced. Feel free to contact individual faculty and ask them about their specific online teaching style.

Online courses are great fit for students who:

  • Are comfortable with technology
  • Are able to budget their time, set study schedules, and complete work by stated due dates
  • Communicate well in writing
  • Read and understand books and written instructions with minimal help
  • Can motivate themselves to work on coursework independently
  • Can work remotely
  • Have time in their schedule to complete required course work (a typical three-credit class involves an average of nine to twelve hours of work per week)

Technical Skills Required to Learn Online:

  • Comfortably use a computer
  • Perform basic navigation - minimize and maximize Windows; use the forward and back browser functions
  • Create, save, scan, print, and manage computer files Copy and paste information using the clipboard
  • Understand a browser is used to surf the internet, such as Explorer, Safari or Mozilla Firefox
  • Upload information to a dropbox by browsing your computer files
  • Understand CTRL+C, CTRL+V and CTRL+P (copy, paste, print functions) short-cut keys to save time
  • Comfortably use the internet, as well as, research internet information
  • Understand Google searches and know material used in college must not be plagiarized
  • Send and receive email messages and include attachments to email
  • Use word processing software and or spreadsheet software
  • Have a computer with internet access or come to Anoka Technical College’s computer lab to login to classes