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Getting Started with Information Technology Services

Anoka Tech's Information Technology Department takes pride in providing high quality support and services for students, faculty, staff and guests. We have an obligation to provide accurate, reliable information to authorized recipients. Our computers, networks, and telephones offer many opportunities to share information on campus and to access resources off campus.

It is the responsibility of every student, faculty, staff and guest to follow to the college's Computer Network System Use and Security Policy...

A Quick Start Guide for New Students

If you are a new student interested in using technology, complete these three steps below for a successful start to your semester.

  1. Initiate Your Student Network Account
  2. Initiate Your Student Email Account 
  3. Access Your Desire2Learn courses

Office of Information Technology

(763) 433-1510 IT Helpline or

Name Title Phone #
William Bear CIO - Director of Technology 763-433-1132
Tim Zondlo Director of Network Services 763-433-1427
Richard Malott Director of Computer Services 763-433-1204
Gary Olson Senior Network Security Architect 763-433-1194
Josh Anderson Senior Server Architect 763-433-1239
Chris Ames Senior Data Systems Architect & Lead Developer
Michelle Belmont Web Developer
Linda Norberg Network Services 763-433-1198
Amela Sekizovic Desktop Services 763-433-1105
Victor Bryson Instructional Technology Engineer
Tom Wesley
Helpdesk Services 763-433-1157
Rita Resendiz-Abfalter Instructional Designer D2L Admin/Trainer
Marissa Sabatke Purchasing 763-433-1382
Dan Anderson Helpdesk Services 763-433-1372
Alex Cornell Helpdesk Services 763-433-1183
Cindy Wangerud  Desktop Services 763-433-1148
Darin Nelson  Client Technology Services
John Davis Desktop Services 763-433-1233
Greg Strandmark Helpdesk Services 763-433-1939
Diane Roberts-Lethaby Helpdesk Services 763-576-4032
Russ Dugger Network Services 763-576-4126
Pat LeHew Network Services 763-576-4117
Michael McKee Desktop Services 763-576-4102
Peter Her Web Services 763-576-4118



IT Helpdesk
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