Multimedia and Game Programming

Information Technology 

The Anoka Technical College associate in applied science (AAS) degree in Information Technology with a concentration in Multimedia and Game Programming is a 72-credit program designed to prepare graduates to successfully compete for high-paying, rewarding careers in IT fields with the highest demand, both today and in the future.

The Multimedia and Game Programming emphasis program requirements were determined through consultation with employers, those working in the industry, technical training professionals, and those currently seeking training and retraining for IT careers.

The program focuses on designing and developing multimedia programs and computer games, Emphasis is on the design, development and deployment of interactive programs for delivery on CD-Rom and DVD. Additionally, students learn 3D animation skills and programming techniques suitable for developing elementary interactive computer games.

The unique program allows technical specialization in Multimedia and Game Programming while the common core courses and required electives from other specializations build the broad IT foundation needed to understand the terminology and methodologies of other IT specialties in the workplace.

Graduates are encouraged to take advantage of access to corporate recruitment and IT recruiting firms. Internships and work study positions are be available. 

IT graduates are highly employable; in many cases, even before graduation.

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See Credits:
The required MATH course may have prequisites depending on your Accuplacer assessment score.

Also see Graduation Requirements.


 Technical Credits        63
 ITEC1001    Network Network Fundamentals
 ITEC1015  Web Programming Technologies
 ITEC1025  Project Management
 ITEC1030  IT Internship
 ITEC2100  Programming Logic and Design
 ITEC2900  Integrated Capstone Project
  *TLIT1005  Technology Fundamentals         3
 Multimedia and Game Programming Concentration
 ITEC2105  JAVA Programming    
 ITEC2310  Graphic Design Technologies
 ITEC2316  Flash Design and Development
 ITEC2325  Gaming Technologies
 ITEC2330  Advanced Gaming Technologies
 ITEC2342  Game Scripting Languages
 ITEC2345  Game Testing
 ITEC2500  Android Application Development
 ITEC2505  Objective C Programming
 ITEC2510  iOS Application Development
 * TLIT1005 must be taken during the first semester and may or may not be accepted as transfer curriculum (MnTC).
 General Education/MnTC Requirements
Fifteen (15) general education credits of Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) are required. Student is required to take:
General Education/MnTC courses
including one (1) transferable MATH** course MnTC Goal Area 4

**MATH may have a prerequisite depending on Accuplacer assessment score.


Program Sequence

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Fall Semester

Spring Semester 



Fall Semester

Spring Semester



Graduation Requirements

All Anoka Technical College students must demonstrate basic competency in Math, English, and Reading. Competency may be demonstrated through achieving minimum cut scores in new student assessments (Accuplacer); through other assessment exemptions; or through successful completion of Basic Math, Basic English, and Reading courses, earning a “C” or higher before receiving a diploma or an associate in applied science degree.

Also see graduation standards in Anoka Technical College Student Handbook.

NOTE: Program plans are subject to change. Please contact your program advisor for the most current program information.

Transfer Opportunities

To see how this program transfers to other programs, review the Anoka Tech articulation agreements at Minnesota Transfer. Articulation agreements are transfer agreements with specific programs and partnering schools. These agreements detail how specific courses transfer to a specific program at the partnering school. For a complete list of Anoka Tech’s articulation agreements listed by program please see this Minnesota Transfer link.

This program may also include Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) courses. MnTC courses transfer to meet MnTC general education courses throughout the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) system. MnTC courses from Anoka Technical College transfer to any MnSCU institution to meet the same goal areas that are met at Anoka Tech.

Students are encouraged to contact the Office of Records and Registration at all transfer schools for details about the institution’s transfer process and policies.

For more information please visit our Transfer page.

Industry Information

Anoka Technical College Covergence Technology graduates are specialist in their field, and also have a broad base of foundational knowledge from the common core courses that span the seven areas of concentration.

Professional standards, proper methodology such as sound engineering principles and project management, are emphasized throughout the courses.


Gainful Employment Report


The Information Technology instructors at Anoka Technical College are experts in their fields, committed to providing high-quality, hands-on, skill-based education to their students.

Faculty members are called on by local industry experts and businesses to provide expert insight and to recommend students for employment.

Vicki Baumgartner
Lisa Hubbard
Jerry Kne
Alex Minakov
Julie Myers


Fall: August, October
Spring: January, March
(Also multiple start options each semester)


AAS Degree with Emphasis