Course List & Descriptions



1250-ETEC Digital IView3.00
1111-ETEC AC Electrical Theory and LabView5.00
1271-ETEC Technical DocumentationView3.00
1102-ETEC Mechatronics 1 DCView3.00
2177-ETEC Mechatronic Capstone Design and DocumentationView2.00
1170-ETEC Programmable Logic ControllersView2.00
2172-ETEC Mechatronic Capstone ProjectView5.00
1113-ETEC Mechatronics 2 ACView3.00
1281-ETEC Engineering Technology Programming: LabVIEW and C++View2.00
1151-ETEC Computer Troubleshooting A+View3.00
1260-ETEC Lasers and OpticsView2.00
2138-ETEC LabVIEW and Data AcquisitionView4.00
2276-ETEC Industrial Networking IOT/M2MView4.00
1202-ETEC Solid State Electronic DevicesView5.00
2162-ETEC Robotics and Automation ControlsView5.00
2143-ETEC Advanced Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)View3.00
2011-ETEC Machine-to-Machine Wireless CommunicationsView2.00
1141-ETEC Circuit AnalysisView4.00