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General Information: (763) 433-1100
General FAX Number: (763) 576-7701
Security Cell Phone: (612) 819-4585
Facilities Cell Phone: (612) 802-4613


Diane Daleiden
Student Success Center
Office: AN-191F, Anoka Technical College
(763) 576-4039

Eli Davis
Information Technology
(763) 576-4172

John Davis
Office of Information Technology
Office: CR-T117, Anoka-Ramsey - Coon Rapids Campus
Office: AN-176, Anoka Technical College
(763) 433-1233

Jessica DeBoer
Office: AN-128, Anoka-Ramsey - Coon Rapids Campus
(763) 576-4077

Stephanie DenHartog
Office: AN-149, Anoka Technical College
(763) 576-4033

Teresa Dill
Nursing Assistant
Office: AN-208, Anoka Technical College
(763) 576-4136

Disability Services - MAIN
(763) 576-7950

Becky Driscoll
Surgical Technician
Office: AN-304B, Anoka Technical College
(763) 576-4119

Russ Dugger
Office of Information Technology
Office: AN-190, Anoka Technical College
(763) 576-4126

Son Duong
Office: AN-222a, Anoka Technical College
(763) 576-4215