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Implementation Process

The work of the Strategic Planning Implementation Task Forces is ongoing as the plan's implementation process unfolds.  

2016-2017 Implementation Task Force Co-Chairs:

Goal 1 Commit to Student Success
ARCC Co-Chairs: Steve Crittenden, Jennifer Liberty Clark
ATC Co-Chairs: Donovan Jackman, Sean Johns

Goal 2 Promote Academic Excellence
Co-Chairs: Jennifer Bingle, Deidra Peaslee

Goal 3 Foster a Vibrant, Sustainable Organization
Co-Chairs: Jay Nelson, Barbara Prince
    Survey data (as of 12/03/14)

Goal 4 Establish a strong Identity and Reputation for Excellence
Co-Chairs: Kent Hanson, Tom McCarthy
    Alignment survey data (as of 11/26/14)

Goal 5 Strengthen and Extend Meaningful Partnerships